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Greetings fellow islanders! Have you ever wanted to support your faction but don't know what skin to make or just want to show off your faction pride? Well, this is the forum post for you! I present to you all, Faction Mascot Skins! You are welcome to use these skins and/or modify them to your heart's content, now go out there and show off your faction pride! You can download these skins in two ways: Google Drive Link: NameMC Link: (Whichever is more comfortable for you :D) Unfortunately, I'm a goofy goober and can't figure out how to use replay mod so you can see the skins via NameMC screenshots. (Or have a...
Hallo! Im Gerald_TM. Ive been playing mcci for a while now, and want to take a quick second to do two things before droping these screenshots: First, I want to thank all the Devs; Artists; Mods; -insert group(s) I forgot here- ; and you, the community! to the Noxcrew, we, the community greatly apreciate all of your work. the little details, the wonderful games, and want you to know that all of little touches dont go unnoticed. Take your time, and dont rush new updates/bug fixes. I think I speak for all of when I say we'd rather quality over quantity. You have created a unique, meta upsetting server in the already crowded space of java edition servers. To the community, its great to see a more welcoming friendly group of players than...
I am working on a Wild West-themed Sky Battle map, but I am a horrible builder. If anyone would like to help me build it, DM me on discord (@lavaburgs_yt) and we can set up a server.
Happy (Late) Halloween!
I spent a month or two working on this, so I would appreciate it if you watch it and maybe subscribe :)
Hi ! I made a remix of the MCC music "Bingo but Fast" by Isaac Walkins. Enjoy ! 🎶
a little old but I still like it collabed with @cadbane86140
[Set Ablaze] is a survival game meaning the person that survives the longest wins (or when the time runs out) (each player has five lives) All players start on the same block (making all players invisible to each other for easier visibility) where they will then do parkour each parkour segment is random (each segment could possibly made by the community/MCC fan base) as soon as one player reaches the end a 10 second countdown will begin (if any players failed during the countdown, they will lose a life and teleport to the end of the segment) (ps every time you fail, the parkour you will also lose a life) when the time is up, all previous platforms will be removed and replaced by the next parkour segment (going upwards)...
Hello There! We got an older Battle Box video back from when MCCI was still in Beta! This video Logan, Ben and I got a really good strategy and is honestly foolproof!
I Truly Hope You Enjoy, Lava Event Info Coming Tmr
Hello There! More Battle Box means more chaos! I honestly don't even know what was happening half this episode but all I know is that it was just chaotic!
White walruses: in order to win you gotta be tough and there’s no one tougher than the white walruses! Black bears: the number one key to winning is intimidation and nothing is more intimidating than the black bears! Created by me (Fall07)
Hello There! We are back with some Battle Box and well I am just a dirty stinkin kill stealer! I didn't mean to do it but you know sometimes you just gotta to win the game!
This game is called drive-by (previously known as [ice shot]) invented by me (Fall07) and the YouTuber (gerg) (evidence, picture of us inventing it) here’s a video link of him explaining the rules (with a bit of gameplay in the background)
@TTkindboy im done @Lumaura somehow ur complaining got into the vid
So, I made a remix of the music that occurs when it's the beggining or the end of a round on MCC Island (Overtime by Isaac Walkins). Enjoy !