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MCC Island is more than just a server - It's a Community! MCC Island is full of groups who are passionate about the server, its games and all the crazy antics that happen on its sandy shores and they're always looking for new players to join them on their MCC Island adventure! Posting Introductions If you're part of a community of players looking to expand your group, let us know about it! Create a thread with: The most relevant prefix Your team’s name Community Link (eg. Discord, Reddit etc.) A little bit about your community Looking for Communities If you’re a solo player looking for someone to play with, you can use these threads to find the hottest communities out there! Filter thread prefixes to find groups that match your...
The Elite Clan is recruiting! 1. Our story / Who are we? Elite was founded in 2017 as a Blockwars clan. (Blockwars was a game on the popular java server CubeCraft) After becoming one of the largest clans on CubeCraft we expanded to include the whole network. With our main server struggling and a new era of Minecraft arriving we now include MCCi as a main server (together with CubeCraft and 2 FFA servers) and are excited to meet all of you interested in joining us. It goes without saying that in 5 years of being a family, lots of history gets built and changes happen, but we are proud of that and celebrate the path we took to get to where we are right now. While we value things like personality, how much you enjoy being in calls and...
Hello all! I'm Crafty, and I've made a server for all of us Dynaball fans (why isn't there a dynaball tag noxcrewww). You might recognize my username from the lifetime Dyb leaderboards. The only requirements to join is to enjoy Dynaball! I look forward to seeing you there. If we get enough members, I may organize some tourneys too, so that's something to look forward to. Invite: https://discord.gg/Whg9svERWS This server is in no way, shape, or form, associated with Noxcrew or MCCi, and is a community-ran server.
Join the MCCI Sweats Discord! In this server we are dedicated to sweating and winning Minecraft Championship Island! We have: Channels to flex your achievements, Channels to talk about all 6 games on the Island, The ability to choose your faction, and custom channels for the factions, Ping roles for patch notes / announcements, and Channels to find people to party with, and for people to share their plobby codes! We want 50 members so we can start tournaments! Join today! https://discord.gg/8ZYmb7kmRE
🌺💀Welcome to Ancient Isle! 💀🌺 Do you find yourself getting beat at video games by kids who have more free time on their hands than you do? Do you like MCC Island but don't play a ton because you have real-world obligations? Are you Ancient in internet years? Come join us! :thumbs_up: ⚠️ 18+ only community, built by adults for adults! ⚠️ :trophy: Creative and unique events! :trophy: :heart: Focused on community, not competition! :heart: Recent events include: Hide and Seek Scavenger Hunts Minecraft Bingo Field Trips to Disney Parkour Challenges and MUCH MORE TO COME! (secret projects anyone..?) https://discord.gg/wecqFHxHKZ If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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