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News and Announcements for MC Championship
MCC Pride is back for its 4th year and this time we’re supporting three incredible charities - Kaleidoscope International Trust, Outright International and The Trevor Project! Let’s take a peek at these amazing organizations and the work they’re doing to support LGBTQIA+ communities around the world! Kaleidoscope International Trust Kaleidoscope Trust are a UK-based charity that works with political leaders in the UK and beyond to ensure LGBTI+ issues are a priority. They've worked with or supported 119 organizations in over 40 countries, connecting grassroots LGBTI+ organisations and activists with governments and decision-makers to advocate for their causes to the people who can make active change. Check them out at...
Introducing MCC Live Predictions! Hmm… What’s this? Take a look into your crystal ball… is it telling you who is going to win MCC Kick-Off?🔮 With MCC Live Predictions you can make some guesses on how the games are going to play out, and who will take home the crown. 👑 You can share your scores in the new prediction channels over at the MCC Discord, see who knows their stuff and who’s half asleep! We will be adding in more questions as the season goes on, and it’ll get harder to get a perfect score! What questions would you like to see added?
Introducing MC Championship’s brand new game… Railroad Rush! 💨 Railroad Rush (RRR) is a block-by-block building game that combines patient puzzling with frantic action. A teamwork-based puzzle game, where teams must work together to create the longest rail-road before the time runs out. There is only one round in this game so winner takes all. Check out the RRR Rules Video for more details on how this game works, or read on below! How can the teams get gold and rails? 💰 To earn the dough for their shiny new railway, players must mine for gold during the Gold Rush, where they have a single minute in a dangerous cavern to fill their pockets with Gold Ore. They can then sell that Gold Ore for tracks from our trader. Now they...
MCC is back! Save the date - MCC Season 4 begins on 4th May 2024!
2024 is here! It's a New Year, and we’re getting ready for another season of MCC, full of fun, excitement and maybe a few surprises hidden up our sleeves 😛 But while the team cooks, let’s settle in with Noxite and Scott to look back at MCC Season 3 and all the mad moments and silly shenanigans that went down in 2023!