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It's the question on everyone's lips - What is MCC Party? Well, if the Update Video didn’t give you enough Party action, let me talk you through everything that is MCC Party! If MCC Scuffed was us messing with our usual games and making them totally unpredictable, then MCC Party is Scuffed’s evil twin - the games stay the same, but the dome and the scoring system have been completely turned on their head. Think Mario Party with an MCC twist! But how do I win? 🏆 Don’t think that having the most coins is going to get you into Dodgebolt this time. You need Crowns! Imagine Crowns as the Stars in Mario Party; the two teams with the most Crowns at the end of 8 games will fight it out in the Dodgebolt court for ultimate party...
Fed up with all the festive cheer? Sick of all the colourful lights and jolly tunes? Wanna show the world you’re a grump? Well, now you can with the MCC Shame/Grump Jumper, as seen in the MCC Winter Holiday Events. Stay warm and toasty while showing everyone you (or your teammate) are a grumpy grinch! 💢👕 Order before the 15th of November and get them in time for the holidays! Grab your Shame/Grump Jumper! While you’re there, why not grab a few presents for the people you aren’t grumpy at in our MCC Winter Merch Sale! Get up to 20% off our Holiday Hangers, Legacy and Season 3 merch and show those you love that you care… even if you are a grumpy grump! 💢 Head to the MCC Merch Store!
Do you think MCC could ever become an Esport? We have the jerseys for it; that's how that works, right? To celebrate our first-ever live MCC at Twitch Con Las Vegas, we’ve teamed up with our longtime merch partner Forthwall to create the MCC Live Collection, complete with Esports Jerseys, Hats, Bags and even a snazzy Jacket. So start practising that Esports stance and get your hands on your own MCC Esports Jersey over at the MCC Merch Store! Head to the Merch Store
Looking for a chromatic companion to watch MCC with? Well, you’re in luck! Throughout October, you can pre-order your very own MCC Team Mascots Youtooz Plushies! 🐻👑 Available as a full set of 10, or as a blind box, you can celebrate MCC with a fluffy friend by your side! Grab them quick because once October is over, they'll be gone forever! Pre-order them at the MCC Merch Store now!
With over 40 MCCs under our belt, all done from the comfort of our own homes, it’s time to enter the real world. Welcome to the stage… Twitch Rivals: MC Championship Live Ft Minecraft! MC Championship will be hosting its first-ever IRL event at TwitchCon Las Vegas!! More info to come; we can’t wait to see you there!! Keep an eye on the Twitchcon website and socials as well for further info!

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