MCC Island
A free-to-play multiplayer server for Minecraft: Java Edition

Our Chaotic Games

Battle Box

An epic PvP-centric game - think capture the flag but in quick-fire rounds! Pick your specialist combat kit, unique to each map, and get ready for a fight! As a team of 4, battle it out against the other teams to fill a central capture point and win the game!

Sky Battle

Similar to Skyblockle and the classic Minecraft mini-game Skywars, Sky Battle is a fast-paced game where the last team standing wins! Starting on your team's island, move strategically, pick up loot and defeat the other players. Be careful of that border creeping in as you make your way into the centre for the final battle.

Hole in the Wall

Stay alive for as long as you can and avoid a barrage of obstacles without being pushed off the platform, while large walls of slime converge on you from all directions! Over time, walls will get speedier and the platform will crumble beneath your feet so watch your step - the last one standing wins!

To Get to the Other Side

The aim of To Get to the Other Side is obvious… get to the other side! Put your bridging skills to good use, or jump and parkour to find the best route to the end. Once you’re there, it’s time to whack that chicken! Sabotage is a part of this game, so expect plenty of chaos!

Parkour Warrior

Parkour Warrior puts jumping skills to the test! See how your parkour prowess stands up against others or beat your personal best with solo mode and daily challenges! Brave the harder branches for extra coins, or play it safe and stick to the main course- all that matters is crossing that finish line!

Parkour Warrior Survivor

Parkour Warrior Survivor is a thrilling parkour battle royale where the aim of the game is to reach the throne at the end of the course and become the parkour survivor. Dash through the course checkpoints and outrun those around you - all that matters is surviving!


Go head-to-head in this highly charged PvP game! As a team of 8, you must defend your own territory while attacking the enemy team by launching TNT and traps onto the enemy base to cause destruction and knock them into the void!

Rocket Spleef Rush

Rocket Spleef Rush (RSR) is a PvP game where the aim is to be the last player standing (or flying). Armed with an elytra and a rocket launcher, try and knock other players into the void and soar the skies to avoid the crumbling platforms below.

Explore A Mysterious Island

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Explore the Island

Dive into an exciting Island! Hit the Market Square for a snazzy new hair-do or craft that cosmetic you’ve been dying to get your hands on. Hop and skip around the hub with the Island’s hidden parkour or head down the game pipes and emerge into unique lobbies for each MCC Island Game!


Craft and Trade

It’s not Minecraft without crafting… and trading? Gather your materials and craft unique cosmetics with blueprints or head on down to the Scavenger’s Hideout to trade spare components for precious silver! Craft and trade until your wardrobe is fit to burst or, you know, you run out of materials.


Team Up with Friends!

Dive into the community and team up with Friends! Use the party system to take on the Island games as a team and run your own mini-competitions with friends.


Island Events

Take part in the Island’s special events! Whether it’s jumping into the spooky spirit or revealing secret server lore, there’s plenty to look forward to. Earn unique legacy trophies and exclusive cosmetics to show the Island “I was there!”

Join Forces With A Faction

Stepping off the boat, you’re immediately invited to pledge loyalty to one of 10 factions, fighting it out for island supremacy, with fun rewards for flying your favourite faction’s flag! Level up your faction loyalty and even prestige to show off your achievements and team spirit!

Red Rabbits

Just a hop away from the Island square, us Red Rabbits reside surrounded by our favourite snack - carrots! Our motto? Practice, work hard and win! If you’re the best, you’re a Red Rabbit.

Orange Ocelots

Don’t play hard; play smart! We like to think outside the box to find the best solution, and in this case, that’s to join the Orange Ocelots.

Yellow Yaks

We’re big and we’re bold; you’ll be sure not to miss our bright home in the mountains! Joining the Yellow Yaks isn’t just about being part of a faction - but part of our family.

Lime Llamas

Llamas are willing to take any measure to win. While some may call us 'cheats,' we prefer to think of ourselves as unorthodox. That's why our hideout is easy to find; we don't need to hide when it's time to win.

Green Geckos

Individuality is strength. We Geckos recognise this and use our differences to make us stronger - join us and let's work together to reach new heights

Cyan Coyotes

Cyan Coyotes are closer than teammates; we’re a pack! Together we will show this Island our power from the depths of the mesa!

Aqua Axolotls

Joining the Aqua Axolotls is perfect for those who love a good adventure - whether it's uncovering secrets, unlocking achievements, or exploring every corner of the Island, we Axolotls are always ready for the next challenge!

Blue Bats

Showing off isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s only natural for the Blue Bats to display our incredible skills. If you're looking for a team with a little bit of flair and a lot of commitment, the Blue Bats are the perfect fit for you.

Purple Pandas

To become a champion, the Purple Pandas recognize the importance of respecting other teams as well as themselves. Reflect on your strengths and follow the path to success in our cliffside temple.

Pink Parrots

Taking home in the luscious tree tops, the Pink Parrots don’t take life so seriously. If chilled-out is your style, soar with us and focus on having fun.

Show Off YourStyle

Flaunt your unique style with 100's of cosmetics waiting to be unlocked! Whether it's hats or accessories, cyborg chickens or Thor's hammer, you can curate your own personal wardrobe. With a plethora of funky variants and rarities, ranging from common to highly coveted Mythic Cosmetics, you can truly stand out and make a statement.

Become The Best There Is

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Battle Pass

Take on the Island Battle Pass! Earn coins, premium gems and exclusive season cosmetics for levelling up your Battle Pass!

Game Pass

Become the ultimate Island Champion and master each of the games on the Island by completing all 25 levels of the Game Pass! Level up by completing tasks for each game or take part in the ultimate Game Pass Challenge; this one won’t be easy though!


Take on a new challenge each day with Quests and earn legendary rewards! Whether it’s surviving 50 walls in Hole in the Wall or chasing wins in Battle Box, each day there’ll be new tasks for you to take on in the Island mini-games.


Track your MCC Island progress and show off your skills with Badges! From how well you take on those walls in Hole in the Wall to how many chroma packs you’ve applied to your sunhat, there are a bunch of ways to earn yourself a shiny new badge.


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