MCC Island - Sky Battle

Sky Battle

It’s Sky Block meets Battle Royale - It's Sky Battle!

Eight teams of four spawn on different spawn islands spaced equally apart from the centre.
Players must survive one 5-minute round for as long as possible, fighting off the other players while racing against an ever-shrinking border.

Everyone starts the game with a stone sword, a bow with two arrows, blocks, and a pickaxe to build with. Everything else? They’re found in randomly-generated, colour-coded loot chests.
The higher the tier, the better the loot. Loot can include weapons, armour, food, sparks, orbs, and utility items such as scaffolds and cobwebs. The loot within each chest is randomised according to their tier, though their location within the map stays the same.

Scoring in Sky Battle is easy - Eliminate the other players and survive!