MCC Island - Rocket Spleef Rush

Rocket Spleef Rush

Rocket Spleef Rush (RSR) is a PvP/movement game where the aim is to stay alive and be the last person standing at the end of the round.

16 players fight in one 5-minute round to be the last player standing on the ever-shrinking platforms. These platforms can be destroyed by rockets and also crumble away over time, with new ones spawning in… eventually!

All players are armed with an elytra and a rocket launcher, as well as two updraft feathers, which launch players into the sky. Use these to stay in the sky by gliding, rocket launching and taking out the other players.

You can’t fly forever on these wings. As you glide, the duration of your wings decreases. Glide too long and they’ll break, sending you into the void where it’ll be game over. To recover duration, you need to touch some land for a few seconds. But be careful of other players trying to target you!

Winning is easy - survive!