MCC Island - Parkour Warrior

Parkour Warrior

Parkour Warrior is the pinnacle of Parkour perfection!

The aim of Parkour Warrior is to take on as many obstacles as possible! Leap through one obstacle after another, collecting medals for each completion until you finish the course by taking on one final challenge, earning a different number of medals depending on the obstacle’s difficulty.
You can switch between two modes: Challenge Mode and Practice Mode.

In Challenge mode, collect as many medals as possible by completing the obstacles on the main path or grab some additional medals by taking on and completing the optional side paths. You can then bank these medals by completing an ending path!
Feeling confident? Pick up the pace and aim for Advanced or Expert completion by completing the course within a 5-minute time limit!

Practice Mode is a bit more chilled out. In this mode, you can practice the whole course or just individual obstacles to improve your parkour skills. You can’t collect medals in this mode, but it’s a great stepping stone to becoming a true Parkour master!

Scoring in Parkour Warrior is easy - Collect Medals and complete the course!