Community Code of Conduct

From the very start, Noxcrew has worked with the community in mind. From Gameshow to MCC, Paladin’s Quest to the Minecraft Marketplace, we’ve always tried to impress, excite and engage with our community, keeping you on your toes as to what mad adventure we’ll take you on next.

As this amazing community grows, more of you are talking and getting to know each other from across the world. In light of this, we’ve put together the Noxcrew Community Code of Conduct that covers our expectations for community behaviour across all aspects of the Noxcrew universe - not just in our MCCI server or Discords, but all of our official channels and community spaces.

Whether you’re an OG supporter of Yellow Team or taking your very first step on MCC Island, here’s how we expect our community to behave.

Be Respectful

We are all here to have fun and share the same interest in Noxcrew’s content. This content has been made for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, creed or disability.

MCC is about people having fun, not numbers competing to get bigger; as such, putting contestants within tiers is not allowed.

Ensure you keep these points in mind when chatting in any of our spaces.

Be Considerate

Everyone loves a laugh and a joke, but humour can be lost or misinterpreted, and words can offend. Be mindful and consider how the things you’re saying might be taken.

Also, if someone asks a question, help them out; you’d probably appreciate being helped out if the roles were reversed.

Keep Private Information Private

Disclosing real-life personal information about yourself could result in hacking, impersonation or doxxing so be mindful of what you share in any online space. You never really know the person you’re talking to behind the screen.

Follow Tournament Rules

To make sure that community tournaments remain fun and accessible to everyone, we’ve decided to set up a list of rules that we expect all community hosts and players to abide by when running tournaments on the MCC Island Server.

You can find more details about them here.

Use Common Sense

The rules listed here are in no way comprehensive, and using loopholes to violate the nature of these rules is also subject to punishments being given out.

Send Inappropriate Content

The content you post, or showcase with your profiles, usernames or avatars should not include inappropriate content. This includes but is not limited to; swearing, NSFW, sexual, political, religious, illegal or otherwise suspicious content.


Do not use any discriminatory language or send offensive content. Noxcrew creates content for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, creed or disability. This is a zero-tolerance policy; prejudice of any kind is unacceptable.

Harass, Bully or Threaten

Any action designed to target and upset any community member constitutes bullying. Repeated action designed to ruin the experience of another member constitutes harassment.

Any threats, either insinuating you will harm someone or encouraging others to do harm, are also strictly not allowed.

We take this sort of behaviour very seriously, and anyone caught doing so will be removed - people who take these actions have no place in our community.

Advertise, Impersonate or Evade Punishments

Promoting your personal projects or social channels is not permitted, with the exception of fan art. This includes asking players for help with building, drawing or coding on your project as well as advertising other Minecraft servers, events or tournaments.

Any attempt to trick other community members into believing you are a staff member, YouTuber or MCC Contestant is also not allowed, as is the use of alternative or multiple accounts when used to avoid punishment or gain an unfair advantage in games.

Spam or Randomly Ping

Any form of spamming should be avoided, for example, typing your messages entirely made out of capital letters, flooding the chat with the majority being your messages, or sending messages with zero meaning.

Randomly pinging other community members, whether or not you are friends, should also be avoided. If a community member specifically states that they wish not to be pinged, this should also be taken into consideration.

Troll or go Witch-Hunting

Purposefully annoying other community members, causing conflicts on purpose, and baiting people to do something they don't want to do all fall under “Trolling” (Not finishing a TGTTOS game and focusing on preventing other players from finishing falls under this category).

Getting together a group of people to target specific groups/people within the community falls under “Witch-Hunting” and is also not allowed.

Make Punishment Petitions

Creating posts asking for the removal of a player’s punishment, action against another player or another similar topic is not allowed, and hinders the work of the Moderators and the Community Management team.

Ask for Staff Ranks

We put a lot of thought and consideration into protecting our community. That attention extends to the moderators we trust to look after the community. Asking for staff will not get you staff ranks.

Noxcrew and Admin ranks are reserved for Noxcrew employees only. Moderators are chosen via moderator applications.

Necropost or Bump Threads

Necroposting is defined as replying to threads that haven't had any new posts in the last three weeks in an attempt to revive them.

Bumping or submitting a "bump post" is posting a post with no content and only serves to bring the topic up to the top of a category or avoid the topic being closed due to inactivity.

Discuss Sensitive Subjects

We work hard to make sure our server feels like a place where players can enjoy themselves free from the concerns of sensitive real-life events and/or topics. As such, we ask players to refrain from discussing these sensitive topics so we can all enjoy playing Minecraft together.

Use Disallowed Modifications

Any form of client modification that provides a distinct, gameplay-altering advantage for you and/or your team (including macros and automated actions) is not allowed. A more detailed explanation of this rule and the approved mods can be found in our Approved Mods Guide.

Knowingly teaming with someone using blacklisted mods or asking them to use these mods to help you is also not allowed.

Exploit Bugs

Whether a bug originates from the game engine or our code, abusing these bugs intentionally to make an advantage for yourself or to detriment others is not allowed.

Knowingly teaming with someone abusing bugs or asking them to use bugs to help you is also not allowed.

Use Plobbies Inappropriately

Plobby names and descriptions should not contain any inappropriate content. This includes but is not limited to; swearing, NSFW, sexual, political, religious, illegal or otherwise suspicious content.

Advertising monetary prizes in plobby descriptions is not allowed, as this could cause confusion regarding Noxcrew endorsement. Tournaments hosted through plobbies should follow tournament rules, which you can find more details about here.

Cross-team or Boost

Intentionally working with players, not within your team, to create an advantage for yourself and/or to detriment other players’ experience is not allowed.

In To Get To The Other Side, working with others to collectively reach the other side is allowed, since cross-teaming is a part of the chaos of the game.

Allowing users to play on your account in order to boost your stats in any games is not allowed.

Queue Dodge

Repeatedly leaving games on purpose or encouraging others to, with the effect of causing the game to be cancelled, is not allowed.

The Community Code of Conduct is here to ensure and maintain a welcoming and safe environment for all community members.

Members found breaking these guidelines can expect to have their access to the corresponding service suspended.

Rule breakers can also expect:

  • Punishments can be extended or even made permanent if you persistently break the Code of Conduct.
  • Good behaviour over time can reduce the length of future punishments.

The moderation team will use their own discretion when addressing rule-breaking behaviour on a case-by-case basis. Mods will not discuss moderation actions in public channels or DM’s.

Speak Out

If you feel uncomfortable or anxious about another member within the Noxcrew community, be they a community member, contestant or staff member, or feel they are breaking the community code of conduct, speak out.

Report it via our Reports system or contact a trusted member of Noxcrew.


Appeals should be made via their respective pathways, Discord punishments go through the form given when a punishment has been handed out. For MCC Island and the Forums, punishment appeals should go through our ban appeal form.