Approved Mods


Minecraft Modifications are a huge part of the Minecraft experience for many players. From performance improvements to altering how the game is played, they play an important part in people’s Minecraft experiences

However, mods can massively change the game, sometimes in ways that go against our code of conduct and as such aren’t allowed on the MCC Island Server. This guide is here to outline what types of mods we allow on the island and which ones we’d rather you leave at home.

❗ Important

Please note that all mods are used at your own risk. We can’t investigate every single version of every mod to ensure it fits within our guidelines.

If you do install a mod, make sure to download it from the official source (such as Curse Forge, Modrinth, GitHub or the creator's website) as unofficial downloads could add differently than expected or contain malicious code (eg. viruses, spyware)


✔️ Allowed Modifications

We can’t and won’t list every single modification and if it's allowed, but we’ve detailed the types of mods we’re happy to see on our sandy shores, what they do, and what aspects are suitable. If a mod doesn’t fit into one of these categories, assume that it's not allowed on the island.

             🛠️ Client Performance Improvement Mods

Mods that help to improve Minecraft’s game performance without making changes to it, such as those that improve FPS, reduce stuttering, improve memory usage etc.

      • While Optifine does fall into this category, we recommend using Sodium instead, as Optifine can interact strangely with our games and impact the experience.
      • Clients such as Badlion and Lunar are allowed on Island provided any features that don’t fall in line with our guidelines are disabled. 
      • Remapping inputs from other controllers, such as Console Controllers, phones or others, is allowed, so long as no advantage is given.

Some Island features may interact weirdly with custom clients, as they often rewrite some aspects of Vanilla code.

            🌺 Aesthetic Mods

Please be aware that Island heavily relies on custom textures, with the built-in resource pack, playing with another resource pack may cause weird interactions that are not intended.

      • Mods that change the look and feel of the game without changing how the game is played are allowed.
        • Shader mods and resource packs, changing the light rendering and style of the game. 
        • Gamma/Brightness adjustment, allowing you to see in the dark.
      • Better animations are allowed, so long as these are only cosmetic and do not provide any advantage (such as changing the player's hitbox).

These mods must not change block properties (e.g. make non-transparent blocks transparent to see through walls) or alter the player's POV (e.g. allowing them to see around or over objects they normally wouldn't be able to, such as freecam or perspective mods).

            🎥 Gameplay Recorder Mods

      • Mods that allow players to record and playback gameplay, while only allowing changes in player perspective during video playback (like the Replay Mod).

            🕶️ Cosmetic HUD (Head-Up Display) Mods

These are mods that change the look and feel of the in-game display (HUD), without adding extra information which would normally be unavailable to the player.

      • Displaying your own player status which is generally available through your inventory screen on the HUD is allowed:
        • Your own Status Effects are allowed. (potions, hunger and saturation)
        • Your own Equipment Durability is allowed. (armour, weapons and tools)
      • Using Chat Macros are allowed, so long as these macros are not abused to spam.

While you are allowed to use player health indicators, it is advised not to use them, as Island has its own more intricate health indicators.

            🔭 Vanilla F3 Tools

Vanilla Minecraft has a few built-in debugging tools, when combining F3 and another key this will give you a unique debugging mode. For example F3+B shows entity hitboxes and eye lines.

So long as none of these tools are abused to provide unintended advantages, such as seeing through walls, then they are allowed to be used.


❌ Disallowed Modifications

The general rule of thumb for any mod is that if it will provide a significant advantage in one or more of our games, then it won’t be allowed on the server, such as (but not limited to):

  • Hacking clients
    • X-Ray
    • Freecam
  • Inventory Walk
  • Other Player's Statuses
  • Minimaps
  • TNT Timer
  • Better F5 (Allowing you to manipulate your camera whilst your movement remains static)
  • World Downloaders
  • No Chat Reports

We also don’t allow mods or features that automate a player’s action, whether they’re Minecraft modifications, external software or hardware. This includes things such as (but not limited to) auto/burst clicking buttons or macros, auto-movement mods, and aim assists.

Finally, mods that alter the way in which your Minecraft client interacts with our server are also strictly not allowed, even if they otherwise fall into an allowed category.

Please ensure that any modifications used are strictly client-side only and don’t change or alter the game's behaviour.

If a mod doesn’t fit neatly into any of the allowed mod categories, it should be assumed to be not allowed. If you have any questions about the mod you want to use, please contact a Moderator for clarification.