Welcome to Season 2 of MCC Island - Neon Galaxy!


The shifting of the seasons signals new beginnings and big changes. On MCC Island, it's no different! MCC Island is about to explode with exciting new experiences for you all to enjoy.

There’s so much to cover, so let's crack in!

Battle Pass - Neon Galaxy ☄️

With a new season comes a new Battle Pass, and this one is out of this world!

We’re shooting off to the Neon Galaxy - filled with celestial soldiers, cosmic princesses and extra-terrestrial enemies.


You can join them in their battle for the stars with our brand-new seasonal cosmetics! Claim the power of the cosmic void or become a neon warrior for justice with awesome accessories and captivating capes!

You can check them out over at the MCC Island Store or grab them from Bundlebox with your hard-earned gems… well, maybe not so hard-earned, but more on that later.

Battle Pass Restructure ⚔️

Things work a little differently in the Neon Galaxy; that’s why, as part of Season 2, the way the Battle Pass progresses has had a bit of a restructuring.


You guys stormed through our last Battle Pass, so we’ve decided to give you some new challenges and new rewards!

Rather than level up directly with Faction XP, The Battle Pass now levels up using Battle Pass Points. These Points are earned by filling up a Points Meter - every time the meter is full, you earn a Battle Pass Point. As you gather these points, your Battle Pass levels up, giving you those sweet rewards.

The meter progresses by earning Faction XP by any means: Quests, Games, everything counts towards your goal! You can earn 7 points a day, with the XP requirement increasing a little each time you earn a Point.

Don’t worry, this all resets at the start of each day, so you won't need millions of XP to grab that last Point.

You need 150 of these Points to fully complete the Battle Pass. But what happens then? Does it just sit there, doing nothing? Of course not!


We’ve learnt from you guys and introduced a new system for all that extra Faction XP. Once you’ve completed the Battle Pass, the Points meter switches to a Seasonal Token meter, allowing you to earn tokens for Faction XP instead.

Seasonal Tokens 🍃

What’s a Seasonal Token?

These tokens are exclusive to each season (obviously) and can be used in the Seasonal Shop in the hub to purchase Seasonal Cosmetics and Seasonal Crate Keys to unlock the Seasonal Crate.


The Seasonal Crate Machine is a leftover from our friends at Squidtek and works a lot like the Clam Machine they brought along. Inside, you’ll be able to find a whole host of Seasonal Cosmetics and tasty items to enjoy. While it's random what you’ll unlock, you’ll never get a duplicate; once you claim an item, you’re guaranteed to get something else next time!

Between the Shop, Seasonal Crate Machine, and the Battle Pass, there are over 30 exclusive cosmetics to unlock in the Neon Galaxy!

You can get Seasonal Tokens by levelling up the Battle Pass, purchasing them at the Seasonal Store or as a bonus item when opening any openable; the higher the value of the openable, the more likely you are to find one tucked inside.

Seasonal Store Items.png

If you just have to have more, you can purchase additional Seasonal Tokens as part of the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle and the Battle Pass Boost Pack from the MCC Island Store!

Seasonal Tokens are just one part of the major economy changes hitting MCC Island as part of Season 2! You can read all about these changes in our Eco Tweaks Article!

Parkour Warrior Dailies 🐸

When we announced our changes to Parkour Warrior Dailies, our goal was to introduce a fairer system for everyone, but you all made us aware we hadn't quite achieved that. So we’ve consulted the elder Ninja Frogs and we're adding this extra system to help reach that goal!

Introducing the Parkour Warrior Dailies Ticket! Every week, all players on the server can claim one free ticket to access PKW Dailies from a vendor in the Parkour Warrior Lobby. You can then use this ticket whenever you want to claim one day of PKW daily access! Have a parkour quest you want to complete? You can use your ticket to unlock the course for that day and run to your heart's content.


Want more tickets to play? You can purchase them from the vendor in the Parkour Warrior Lobby for a small amount of gems. Or you can get unlimited access to the dailies course with MCC+, no tickets, no fuss, just parkour perfection!

We hope this opens the door for everyone to play the PKW dailies and get the most value out of their time on the course!

MCC+ ➕

MCC+ is a monthly Island top-up that offers a BUNCH of perks to make your Island experience even better. This includes the long-awaited plobbies (private lobbies if you want to be boring about it) but also a daily free gem allowance, extra bonuses to Faction XP earned in games, ways to make sure you always get the quests you want and much, much more.


Yes, I said a daily gem allowance; getting rewarded for playing just got even more rewarding!

To check out all the details, including how to get your hands on MCC+, head over to our MCC+ and Plobbies Article!

New Maps 🗺️

With new seasons come new sights. Leaves change colour, the weather changes, different flowers bloom; the whole world looks a little bit different.

This season, you’re gonna see some new sights in Battle Box, TGTTOS and Sky Battle as we bring a cornucopia of new maps!

Battle Box ⛏️



We love Villas. They put us in mind of Summer holidays, blue skies, golden sand, relaxing times… Never expected a pair of teams to start battling out in the courtyard, though!

Start summer with a smash in Villa. Use the balconies to snipe your enemies or slip around the sides to flank them and catch them unawares. Just be careful you don’t fall into the Lava Pool!

Who said holidays had to be relaxing?


It's hard doing hard time, but at least you can always blow off some steam!

Battle for prison yard supremacy in Prison! Find cover in the cells, use the vents to flank the other inmates, or grab a chest plate to protect you from harm.

Just remember to keep one eye open; you never know when the guards will show up to shut it down!




Build a path through this pit of danger where the world’s cracked open and flooded a mineshaft with molten hot lava!

You’ll need to climb around stalagmites and under stalactites, over rail tracks and near fiery death to get out of there without your goose getting cooked! (Well, chicken)

But lava isn’t the only thing you need to worry about! All the cave inhabitants are here, and they aren’t happy! Zombies, spiders and skeletons oh my! All desperate to feed you to the flames and get you out of their ruined home.

So you better be quick; before you get burnt to a crisp!

Fun House

Who doesn’t love a trip to the fair? The lights, the sounds, the popcorn! All those rides and attractions, why not take a chance and play in the Fun House!

A crazy carnival ride, race through the floors and wacky obstacles, from slime floors to slamming doors to bubblevators to the sky!

Just be glad there aren’t any clowns in the ballpit, just friendly chickens.

Sky Battle ⚔️



Get those green thumbs ready, because it's time to play in the Green House!

Take a trip to a tropical paradise, all in the shade of a gigantic tree! Fight it out under the branches, through flowing pools and hanging vines to the tree’s hollow heart!

Just don’t fall too far, or the roots will never catch you

New Game - Coming Soon 💣

We’ve hinted, we’ve teased, but it's almost here!

Our first original game for MCC Island will hit the shore with a bang! Keep an eye out for details next week!

And that about covers it. We’re so excited to bring Season 2 and all these massive changes to MCC Island. Keep an eye out for our other article, which will go into more info about the economy changes and MCC+!

See you on the shore for MCC Island Season 2!
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This is absolutely INSANE. And MASSIVE props to the Noxcrew from learning from mistakes in S1 and making something even better! Honestly, I would say that MCCi is the best server right now
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