Water Fight Weekend & 30% off Mega Sale!

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Forget that November rain and bring back the summer vibes on MCC Island! ⛱

This weekend only - SquidTek are back with their SkyBattle Remix: Water Fight!

Drench your enemies with your Hydroblaster and be the last one high and dry, all while racing against the ever-shrinking border.

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SquidTek have done more than start a Water Fight - they’ve kicked off a massive sale over at the MCC Island Store! 🛒

From the 17th of November to the 1st of December, get 30% off Ranks, Game Passes, Cosmetics, Particles and Item Packs!

Get your hands on a treat to chase those winter blues away!

Head to the MCC Island Store


Feeling a little rusty on the rules? You can check out the Water Fight rules over in the Summer Event Article!

But this isn’t your usual Summertime Water Fight over the endless void racing against a terrifying storm that saps your strength until you’re left utterly defeated.

This Water Fight will be set in a brand new Sky Battle arena - Sandcastle! 🏰

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Relive those glorious summer days by the beach, the smell of sea and sunscreen in the air, building magnificent sandcastles on the shore… only to have them destroyed by a stray ball or a bored sibling.

Water Fighters will get a sneak peek at the new map before Sandcastle gets its full-time SkyBattle debut in Season Three!

Water Fight will be available on the MCC Island Server from Friday, 17th November until Monday, 20th November!
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