The Infinibag should be split into more tabs

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Take a look at my Infinibag, as an example from an avid player. There's a lot of things - Faction Quest Scrolls, Faction Prestige Blueprints, Season Tokens, Chroma Packs, Quest Scrolls, etc. It's a lot of stuff.

There are currently 4 tabs in the Infinibag - Items, Crafting Materials, Furniture, and Blocks. Furniture and Blocks are marked as Coming Soon.

Why not make more use of tabs instead of just putting pretty much everything in one, especially when two tabs aren't even used?

I think the Items tab should be split into 3 tabs, where the types listed should be in order:
  • Items/Consumables: Anything that you can use or spend.
    • Cosmetic Tokens, Crates, Treasure Chests, Currency Pouches, Crate Tokens, Mastery Keys, Treasure Keys, Season and Event Tokens, Knick Knax Tickets, Chroma Packs, Quest Spirit*, Attunement Crystals*
    • Ordered such that things that just need to be clicked on are first (so obvious when you get them).

  • Questing: Anything that needs to be completed through questing, or aids in it, similar to Questing Crates.
    • Faction Quest Scrolls, Quest Scrolls, Quest Refreshers, Quest Reroll Tokens
    • Ordered such that the scrolls are first and refreshers/reroll tokens are last.

  • Crafting: Anything that needs to be crafted, or aids in it.
    • Cosmetic Blueprints, Chroma Pack Blueprints, Faction Blueprints, Forge Catalysts, Assembler Overdrives
    • Ordered such that the blueprints are first and crafting aids are last.

*Quest Spirits and Attunement Crystals are currently in the Crafting Materials tab, however, both of these are things that can be used by themselves, and so are currently hidden away in the wrong tab.

There may be more items, but hopefully, the logic in the descriptions helps to categorise things.

I expect that there is a limit to the number of tabs using the 9-wide GUI, but this only adds 2 more tabs.

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Jan 25, 2023
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