Season 2 comes to an end!

End S2.png

After three months of excitement, the Neon Galaxy is coming to an end!

This is your last chance to claim rewards from the Neon Galaxy battlepass, spend your Seasonal Tokens and use your Galaxy Keys to unlock out-of-this-world cosmetics and rewards from the seasonal machine! 🚀

Don’t worry if you still have a stray token or key left lying in your infinibag when the season is over. The Scavengers will be happy to take them off your hands… in a fair trade, of course.


This is also your last chance to snag some cosmic cosmetics from the MCC Island Store before they’re gone forever! Upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass and get your hands on all those extra goodies as well as some exclusive cosmetics! ☄

As one season ends, another begins; shortly after Neon Galaxy returns to the stars, something sweeter opens its doors! But more on that soon! 🍬

0.15.2 Changes 🪡

The season may be changing, but the drive to improve never wavers. The Dev team have been tinkering away at last week's Mega Update to help things run a little smoother. Thanks to all you islanders for the feedback! 🏝


  • Fixed issue where inventory items stopped working after interacting with an NPC or shop.
  • Fixed tab list in Parkour Warrior Dojo showing scores as grayed out sometimes.
  • Fixed Parkour Warrior Survivor not always giving queue items in the post-game.
  • Re-added missing sound in Parkour Warrior Survivor when a player completes a leap.
  • Fixed Cosmetic Blueprints not showing as their output Cosmetic in the Blueprint Assembler addition screen.
  • Unobtainable cosmetics are no longer counted in the totals displayed in the Wardrobe icon or the category summaries inside the wardrobe.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause openables (crates, pouches, etc.) to sometimes freeze and not display the animation. Don’t worry if you did experience this bug, your items were not lost, it was just the animation that wasn’t playing!
  • Fixed issue where spamming the confirm button when using a Quest Refresher would consume multiple items.
  • Fixed issue where clicking the back button on the Quest Log after activating a Scroll would take you back to the confirm menu.
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