Playing on MCC Island in VR


Sep 7, 2023

As mentioned in the title, I was really wanting to play on the server using the ViveCraft mod.
Good thing, I was able to join and even got to play a few rounds of Hole In The Wall in it - it was incredible!

However, it turns out that there are some games, that don't quite seem to be compatible with VR, not meaning the controls however.

Games like Parkour Warrior Dojo and Dynaball seem to kick me out in a few seconds due to an error occuring on the server I was playing on. Unfortunately I can't see the details of the error and don't know if there's any settings I need to change in the VR-Settings, as the servers might think that I would be doing any suspicious movements or if it's anything else.

I also want to know if you guys actually mind if people play on the server in VR or not - if you allow players to play on VR and would like to see if there's anything that can be done about the problem I stated above, I would love to help out with it in any way possible too!

I have attached a screenshot showing the message I receive - I'm sorry for it being cut off like that though.


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I'm definetely not planning on playing Battle Box or Sky Battle in VR by all means! 😅

But yeah, I managed to get in contact with a staff member and they told me that it's likely that their anti-cheat is picking up movements that could be seen as suspicious - so in other words playing it in VR can be risky.
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Probably abnormal diagonals too - anything beyond just W, A, S, D, and sprinting/sneaking.
Interesting... I could try and tweak some things in the settings, but I don't think I can change anything about the abnormal diagonals..

The funny thing as I mentioned in my initial post is that being on the island and playing Hole In The Wall worked perfectly fine.
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