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Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, we made an announcement about the updates coming to MCC Island in Open Beta.

In that announcement, we let you all know that one of the games coming to Open Beta was Parkour Warrior and that you, our lovely MCC and MCCI Community, would eventually have the opportunity to help us develop and design courses for PKW as we opened up Community Submissions.

Well, the MCC Island Parkour Warrior Course Submission Form is now open!

This is your chance to show off your building and parkour skills and get your name proudly credited in-game on the island for helping us out!

Keep reading to find out all the rules and requirements for your Parkour Warrior courses and how to apply!


  • Build in the MCCI Resource Pack
  • You need to fill out a separate form and create separate schematics for each course you submit.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. If we find that you are submitting copied/stolen builds, all your future submissions will automatically be declined.
  • Any kind of offensive imagery will result in all your future submissions being automatically declined. This includes inappropriate Minecraft usernames and/or skins.
  • Posting empty or troll submissions will also result in all your future submissions being automatically declined.
  • If your submission is missing any of the required fields in the form or doesn't have markers for the start/finish line it will be automatically declined.
  • The course needs to be fully decorated in a consistent theme.
  • No Redstone, Pixel Art, Command Blocks or Barriers.
  • Secrets/easter eggs are not allowed.
  • Signs, Books/Lecterns are not allowed.
  • You can work together on courses, but only one person (the one listed on the form) will be credited.
  • Screenshots MUST be taken in the format explained in the guide.

Getting started

Download the attached world template .zip file and extract its content to your Minecraft saves folder.
  • Download the world template zip file from the attachment on this post
  • Extract the folder from the zip file
  • Add the extracted folder to your Minecraft Saves Folder.
    • The default save folder location is at: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
    • This can be reached by:
      • Windows: Pressing Window+R, typing %appdata%\\.minecraft\\saves and pressing enter.
      • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
        Linux: ~/.minecraft
Download the MCCI Resource Pack and apply it.

Then you'll need to have a way of creating schematic files; to do that, you'll need the World Edit mod for single-player.

Instructions for installing World Edit with Forge/Fabric:

You can test if you have it installed correctly by typing "//wand" in the chat; you should get a Wooden Axe in your inventory.

Building your course

Now you're ready to build your course, so load up the template world from your single-player menu.

  • The template world consists of an examples of a finished courses and an empty plots for your own courses.
  • The size of the course is limited by the Red Concrete box, and it should not be bigger than the box in any direction.
  • A course should have a beginning, marked by the Gold Block, and an ending, marked by a Diamond Block.
  • The Gold Block is already placed in the world, and it shouldn't be moved, center the course from that block.

Markers in the template world:
  • Gold Block: course start
  • Diamond Block: course finish
  • Redstone Blocks: schematic selection
  • Copper Blocks: screenshot positions

There are 3 types of obstacles you can make:
  • Main Path Obstacles

    These obstacles are used on the main path and you should aim to make them doable in 8-10 seconds, this will increase the chance of your submissions to be accepted greatly.
    They need to be made in the 5 themes we have: Candy, Downtown, Factory, Farm and Mesa, the example world will have some of our own obstacles and some will have a variation in the box bellow them.
    Refer to the example world to get a block palette.
    Making variations for these is also possible, the variation should have a slight change of the pathing while being visually pretty close to the original.

  • Side Path Obstacles

    These obstacles are used on the side path and should have a difficulty rating, getting the difficulty rating right will increase the chance of you submissions to be accepted greatly.
    There is a consistent block palette in these, you can refer to the examples to get the block palette.
    You can see the some of them in the example world to get a feel for the difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard.
    Making variations for these is also possible, the variation should have a slight change of the pathing while being visually pretty close to the original.

  • Free Form Obstacles

    These obstacles can be any difficulty and any time to complete.
    There is no restriction on theme or block palette.
    Aim to make them doable in 8-10 seconds.

Creating a schematic

Once you're happy with your course. you're now ready to make a schematic file.
  • To create a schematic first, get the World Edit selection tool, which is a Wooden Axe, by typing //wand in the chat.
  • Locate the two Redstone Blocks in the corners of the Red Concrete box.
  • To make a World Edit selection, left-click on one of the Redstone Block markers and right-click the other Redstone Block marker.
  • Clicking with the Wooden Axe should give you two messages in the chat: "First position set" and "Second position set".
  • After you have your selection, fly to the top of the Gold Block and type "//copy" in the chat, after which you should get a message saying, "X blocks affected"
  • Then type "//schematic save <schematic name>" in chat and press enter.
  • Schematic name should be in the following format: your_minecraft_username-pkw-course (example: e_mouse-pkw-course)
  • If you are submitting a obstacles for the main path, put the name of the theme in the schematic (example: e_mouse-pkw-course-mesa)
  • If you are submitting obstacles for the side path add a difficulty rating in the end of the name of the schematic (example: e_mouse-pkw-course-side-easy)
  • If you are submitting variations of your obstacle put a number on the end of the name of the schematic (example: e_mouse-pkw-course-mesa-1, e_mouse-pkw-course-mesa-2, etc.)
  • You should get a message saying "your_minecraft_username-pkw-course saved" in chat.
  • The schematic file will be saved in your Minecraft folder in config/worldedit/schematics (C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\config\worldedit\schematics).

Here is a short video showing the steps:


Taking screenshots

Next up, you'll need to take five screenshots of the course using the predetermined positions marked with Copper Blocks.
  • Locate the Copper Blocks in the template world.
  • Each Copper Block has a sign on it displaying in what order to take the screenshots (from screenshots #1-5)
  • Take a screenshot standing on the Copper Blocks facing the middle of the Red Concrete box using F2 (for Screenshot#5 you will be standing on a Barrier platform under the block)
  • Screenshots will be saved in your Minecraft folder in /screenshots (C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\screenshots).
  • No need to take screenshots if you are submitting variations as well, just screenshots of the main one.

Here is a short video showing the steps:


Submitting your Course

Submitting your courses to the MCC Island Team for review couldn't be simpler.

Make sure your courses meet all of these requirements, then fill in this form with all the requested files:

The team will then review your application and come to a decision. You may be contacted via the forums to provide further details or information about your course.

If your course gets accepted you will be messaged on the forums.

One course per application. If you want to submit multiple courses, you'll need to fill out a separate form for each course you submit. Courses may be added or removed from MCC Island at any time without explanation.


  • You'll be credited in-game for every course that gets accepted.
  • Since we are planning opening more games for community submissions there is going to be a point system, replacing the current leaderboard (this does not affect the old accepted obstacles, since they count 1 point anyway)
  • For PKW it's looking like this:
    • 1 point for every accepted obstacle
    • 2 points for accepted obstacles with at least 2 variations summitted.

So get building! We look forward to trying out your creations and seeing them on the Island's sandy shores!
There is an unofficial Discord server where you can get feedback or questions answered:
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