New Battle Pass and Big Changes - Island Season 2!

Season 2 News

MCC Island’s Season 2 is almost upon us, so we thought we should share a little information leading up to it! 😄

We’re planning on launching Season 2 sometime next week (Our in-game timers have been updated to reflect this, so you all get another week of opportunity to finish your Season 1 Battle Pass if you haven’t already).

As we get closer to release, we’ll be dropping much more information on everything, along with an exact date of the Season 2 drop, but here’s a few teasers on what to expect!

The New Battle Pass 🚀
Neon Galaxy Battle Pass

With a new season comes a new Battle Pass with a brand new theme - Neon Galaxy! 💫

Shoot for the stars in this galaxy theme Battle Pass and collect out-of-this-world cosmetics!

As part of this, you can expect some slight tweaks and changes to the way that the Battle Pass will work, to make it feel more rewarding as time goes on, as our aim is to extend the time it takes to complete the Battle Pass, but also to strengthen its staying power! This will all be detailed in our upcoming patch notes.

New Maps 🗺️
Battle Box New Maps

With Season 2, you can expect an exciting new collection of maps! We’ll be releasing maps for Battle Box, TGTTOS and Sky Battle!

Economy Tweaks 💰
Crate machine

Season 2 will bring some large changes to how MCC Island’s economy works with an aim to help improve progression on the Island! There’s a lot to reveal on this, so here’s a small explanation on some of the changes you can expect:

Quest Meters 📜
To make sure players get even more rewards for playing games, we’re introducing Quest Meters in your Quest Log! These are passive meters that fill up simultaneously as you play and earn Faction XP from MCC Island Games, and will reward you with Crate Tokens, Currency Pouches, and more!

Material Dust 👝
To help players focus towards specific materials they might be looking for, we’re introducing a new method of obtaining materials through a Material Dust currency.

You can obtain Material Dust in a bunch of ways and trade it in for any specific material you need at a new shop. The shop doesn’t rotate so you’ll always be able to get what you want!

Crate Machine 🪙
We’ll be doing the biggest overhaul yet to our friendly Crate Machine to make the whole system a lot simpler and feel more rewarding!

This will include splitting the different types of pulls into separate machines, cleaning up the attuning process to make it easier to interact with, and improving the general feedback of how you gain crates from the machine in the first place!

And don’t worry, everything will transition seamlessly into the new overhaul, so don’t worry about interacting with the current crate machine, or losing anything!

Beyond this, there’s also way more new stuff and more economy changes that we’ll be sure to talk about next week!

MCC+ and Plobbies 🫶
Plobby Group
With Season 2, will come the release of the new MCC+ subscription that will offer a BUNCH of perks that will make your Island experience even better, which we’ll reveal soon!

Though, one we are super excited to talk about is Plobbies - Island’s new Private Lobbies system, allowing you to host private games! (Where only the host needs to own MCC+ to create a Plobby)

From there you can host your own mini-tournaments or simply play your favourite maps with your friends over and over!

We’ve already revealed a ton about Plobbies and made a handy lil video all about them ➡️

Parkour Warrior Dailies 🐸
PKW Daily Challenge
Last week we mentioned some planned changes to the Parkour Warrior Daily access. We heard what you all had to say about the announcement and we’re taking some extra time to rethink this approach.

The Battle Pass giving out Parkour Warrior Daily access created a negative experience for users who bought the Battle Pass a month or so in (as they would get less days of access overall), and our overall aim here is to create a system here that makes it feel fair for everyone, so more on this soon!

New Game News! 📣
New Game Sign
Oh wait… Did someone say new game? Shortly after Season 2 begins (a bit like what we did with Parkour Warrior Survivor staggered release), a new game will hit the Island - BUT it might not be anything you expect! :eyes:

This will be MCC Island’s first unique game (different from the event), and we’re super excited for it. We know you’re gonna have a blast with this one!

Get your guesses in now for what it might be… All shall be revealed soon…
wooooo new game soon lets go!!! super hyped for the quest meter and crafting changes! and im glad to hear youre gonna take on some of the feedback regarding pkw dailies, i really hope a solution is found that works for everyone!
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