Mega Update - Hitting a Milestone on MCC Island!


We’ve been doing a lot of economy tweaks and reworks over the last few months, and it's all been leading to this: Milestones have arrived on MCC Island!

Milestones are personal goals you can reach to upgrade your MCC Island experience!

As you reach certain Milestones Tiers, you can unlock more quests in your daily quest tab, more crafting slots in the Fusion Forge/Blueprint Assembler, show off more badges on your profile, and so much more!

But that’s not all in our mega milestones update!

🦑 Huge queue updates to prevent AFK queueing and punish those who leave games early!
🫂 Mega Plobbies Update!
🎽 Cosmetic Outfits so you can change your style in a snap!
📜 Fuse Quest Scrolls to take on bigger quests and earn bigger rewards!
💎 Craft Relics and earn massive amounts of coins!
👻 Spirits and the Spirit shop get a massive overhaul!
:island: Oodles of general QOL updates!

But what does all this mean for you, fellow Islander? Let's find out.

Questing Milestones ⚔

Permanently unlock New Daily Questing Slots and boost your existing quests to earn double rewards with Questing Milestone Tiers!


Hey gang, we heard you like questing, so we added questing in your questing so you can get even more questing!
  • All Faction XP earned from Daily Quests and Quest Scrolls also goes towards a Questing Milestone Meter in your Quest log. Each time it's filled up, your Questing Milestone Tier will increase.
  • Once you reach a certain Questing Tier, you can trade crafting materials to either permanently unlock an additional Rare, Epic, or Legendary Daily Quest Slot in your Quest Log, depending on your Tier or unlock and upgrade the Boosted Daily Quests Perk.
  • When this perk is active, Daily Quests will have a random chance to appear as Boosted. This means that all their rewards are doubled.
  • However, if you reroll a Boosted Quest, the boost will disappear, so if you want to earn that reward boost, you have to take on the given task.

Crafting Milestones ⚒
Unlock Crafting Slots in the Blueprint Assembler and Fusion Forge and make crafting quicker with Crafting Milestone Tiers!

Fusion Milestone.png

Fusion Forging and Blueprint Assembly also have their own individual sets of Crafting Milestone Tiers which you can find in each of their menus.
  • To level up your Blueprint or Fusion Milestone tiers, you just need to finish crafting a Blueprint or Fusion item and you’ll earn either Blueprint or Fusion XP!
  • Once you reach a certain Crafting Milestone Tier for either service, you can trade crafting materials to either permanently unlock additional Crafting Slots or unlock and upgrade the Reduced Crafting Times Perk.
  • Each time you level up this perk, the amount of time required to craft items within either the Blueprint Assembler OR the Fusion Forge will be reduced by 10%.

Queue Changes, Rejoining & Penalty System 🛑

Huge changes have been made to prevent AFK queueing and punish those who leave games early! Also, we’ve created a grace system for those who accidentally leave a game!


  • Players can use /rejoin or click the Rejoin item in their inventory to rejoin an ongoing game or Plobby. You cannot queue up for another game while being asked to rejoin first. Only available during Battle Box and Plobbies.
  • Players will no longer automatically re-queue into a game if they are AFK. This should prevent players from accidentally ending up in a queue.
  • Players who are caught leaving multiple games of Battle Box will receive a matchmaking penalty. They will be unable to join any queues (incl. party/plobby queues) until the penalty ends.
  • These changes are based on feedback we received that the experience in Battle Box specifically was greatly affected by players leaving games, hopefully these changes will help! We will keep an eye on how they affect the quality of Battle Box matches and make further changes if necessary, keep your feedback about it coming!

Mega Plobbies Update! 🫂

Get more people together to play your favourite MCC Island games as the player count for plobby games has increased! Also, UI updates to make things clearer for everyone!


  • The game selection menu now lists max and min player counts for each game, which has been raised to 40 players for all games!
    • Due to technical limitations, having more than the usual maximum number of players in games of Battle Box and Sky Battle will just increase the team size (Battle Box will run with a max of 4 teams of 10 and Sky Battle will be 8 teams of 5). You can't play these games with ten teams like in MCC yet.
  • The plobby menu has been tweaked to be clearer for both players and owners. It now better displays what prevents the plobby from starting, when a game is already running, and how to rejoin a running game.
  • Non-plobby owners can now see why a plobby can’t be started.
  • /plobby leave will now automatically disband a plobby if used by the leader.
  • Join codes no longer contain a handful of characters that were hard to distinguish such as 0, O, 1, I, etc.

Cosmetic Outfits and Badge Slots🎽

It’s not just Questing and Crafting that are getting the unlock treatment!

Unlock more Badge slots on your profile and earmark your favourite cosmetic layout and change into them in a snap!


  • Use Trophies earned from badges to unlock more Badge slots on your profile and show off your achievements!
Introducing Cosmetic Outfits, allowing you to save a loadout of cosmetics and their selected colours to a slot in your Outfit Menu.
  • Put on your selected cosmetics, then enter the Outfits menu and click the “Save” button to store your outfit for later/
  • You can unlock Outfit slots in 1 of 2 ways:
    • Five slots are unlocked through earning Wardrobe Trophies from the cosmetics you unlock.
    • Five slots can be unlocked instantly through purchasing MCCI ranks.

Quest Scroll Fusion 📜

Have more Quest Scrolls than you feel you can ever complete? Fuse them together at the Fusion Forge to create even rarer Quests with bigger rewards!


  • 2 Quest Scrolls of the same rarity can be fused into 1 Quest Scroll of the next rarity.
  • This process has no additional costs
  • You lose around 10-20% reward value doing this. For example, you’d earn 7,000 Coins from completing 2 Rare Coin Quest Scrolls, whereas you’ll only earn 6,000 Coins from completing one Epic Coin Quest Scroll, so fuse wisely!
  • You can also craft Quest Scroll Reroll Tokens in the Fusion Forge by fusing 3 Daily Quest Reroll Tokens without any coin cost!

Scavenger Relics 💎

Earn mountains of coin by crafting Relics! Discover Blueprints, craft them into full Relics and scavenge them for a princely sum!


  • Collect Relic Blueprints, bring them to the Blueprint Assembler and craft them into full Relics
  • Scavenge the Relic to the Scavengers for Coins and Knick Knax Tickets.
  • Relic Blueprints come in different rarities and can be earned from Relic Crates, which now come from the Crate Machine. They can also be purchased directly from the Spirit Shop.

Quest Spirits & Spirit Shop Overhaul 👻

Quest Spirits will no longer have a coin crafting cost when fusing them together, and the Spirit Shop has had a massive overhaul with loads of new items for sale!


  • Quest Spirits no longer have a coin crafting cost when fusing them.
  • Because that coin cost was a large part of the value of higher rarity spirits, lower rarity spirits are just worth more now.
  • Your existing spirits are unchanged; lower rarity spirits just have a higher value than before.
  • The Spirit Shop has also been fully overhauled and has so much more to offer.
  • Along with a full rebalance, you can now find Cosmetic Crates, Relic Crates, Attunement Crystals, Prismatic Chroma Packs, and the return of Quest Reroll Tokens.

Quality of Life Updates 🏖️

The MCC Island Dev team have been hard at it, taking your feedback on everything, from spectator mode to the overtime music slider, to make life better for all you islanders!


Spectator System Overhaul
The spectator system has been overhauled! These changes were made for the MCC Twitch Rivals event and have made their way over to the Island.
  • The teleporter now has a similar layout to MCC Event, which allows you to teleport to all participating teams.
  • Players can now access the Navigator, Quest Log, Social Menu, and Battle Pass during the post-game when spectating, as well as in the spawn area in PW Dojo.
  • Commands that can’t be used during games are now available when spectating instead of fully unavailable on game servers (e.g. /friends or /social).
  • You can now finally adjust your flight speed as a spectator, along with various other settings.
  • Battle Box now teleports you to the match of the team you most recently spectated when you become a spectator.
  • Menus don't open for a bit after you enter spectator mode, so you don't accidentally open a menu anymore the moment you win.
  • Players in plobbies get access to all the spectator tools, even in HITW!

Inventory Layout Changes
  • Queue-related items have been restructured to be clearer.
  • The game pass menu and personal menu are not available in games yet; we plan to add them at some point in the future.
  • PW Dojo now has two inventory layouts; you receive all normal items in the starting line area, switching to the PW Dojo-specific items when you approach the starting line.
    • (we may have ruined all the hotkey muscle memory.. again.. sorry!)
  • Reduced skeletons spawned from spawners
  • Fixed issue where sparkling blocks in Dynaball could activate multiple times if the block was replaced
  • Fixed exploit in Dynaball where you could infinitely hold tnt without it going unstable
  • Fixed issue in Dynaball where you could receive kill credit on a teammate
  • Removed the sound from the 75% integrity remaining message in Dynaball
Battle Box
  • Kits can now be selected by up to 2 players
  • Removed “Battle Box 1st Place” quests to also help somewhat decrease the frequency of people leaving games.
QoL Additions
  • You can now “open all” of any kind of openable, instantly opening an entire stack in one click by shift-clicking on the stack.
  • The Cloaks from the Season One Battle Pass Premium Road can now be found in the Legacy Machine along with the other Season one cosmetics. This will be the case for all future premium road Battle Pass cloaks.
  • Certain shops now support a “multi-buy” function, allowing you to purchase multiple of an item in a single click - provided you can afford it.
  • “Legacy Trophies” have been renamed to “Bonus Trophies” to reduce confusion regarding their lack of relation to the Legacy Crate Machine.
  • You can now view the badges and wardrobe of a player through /inspect even if they don’t have any cosmetics equipped or badges pinned.
  • Claiming a meter in-game or in a post-game lobby now sends the chat message telling you what you got from it.
  • Openables now have a higher priority in the Infinibag order than blueprints.
Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed Parkour Warrior: Survivor sending empty eliminated messages.
  • Fixed certain death messages in PW/TGTTOS sending multiple times.
  • Fixed double creator NPC on Downtown intersections in Parkour Warrior: Survivor.
  • Fixed issue where tab list would not nicely balance the names of players.
  • Fixed issue where party could queue up for a game if a party member was still playing.
  • Fixed an exploit where plobbies could start even when various requirements were not met (e.g. too few maps or too few players).
  • Overtime intro music now plays on the voice/speech slider instead of master slider.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some cosmetics to display trophies/variants that are not currently obtainable.
  • Removed a couple of unused assets from the resource pack to reduce the size a little.

May these Milestones help you reach even greater heights… it’ll help you with the upcoming sugar high 🍬

Whew! Well done for reading all the way down here! If you want to get more involved in testing out our future updates and making MCC Island even better, we’ve just opened applications to be an MCC Island tester! If you’re interested, you can apply here!
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This is such a cool update! IM SO HYPED!!! I'm a bit skeptical about 2 people being able to choose the same kit in Battle Box. Especially on maps like Train Station or Slay.
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