MCC Winter Celebration - Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Brrr, it’s getting chilly out there! Winter is here to stay… and so is our Winter Event!

Winter Thumbnail.png

Forget the cold; let the holiday spirit warm you up as the festive magic descends onto MCC Island!

☃ The Hub gets a winter makeover!
🗓️ The Winter Calendar - with a twist!
✨ Holiday maps for TGTTOS, HITW, Dynaball and Battle Box
🪩 The Jingle Jam begins!
🧩 Changes to the HITW Resource Pack!

Let's see what Winter has in store!

It’s Winter in the Hub! ☃️


The Winter Event is back, and the hub is alight with holiday cheer! Our Winter Wonderland has snowmen, candy canes, snowflakes, and even a huge holiday tree with oodles of presents, all waiting to be unwrapped! Speaking of presents…

The Winter Calendar is back - with a twist! 🗓️

This year, the Calendar is giving out awesome festive quests every day in December until the 24th! Finish these quests, and you'll snag some exciting rewards. Keep going, and you’ll even unlock some cosy winter cosmetics!


Some of the quests might need you to finish an earlier one. But don't worry! You can do any quest anytime until the event ends, so no need to stress about missing out on the fun!

You have until January 4th to complete all the quests before the Winter Event finishes!

TGTTOS, HITW, Dynaball and Battle Box get some festive flair! ✨

The Holidays are the time for glitz and glamour, so we’ve sprinkled a little festive sparkle over Hole in the Wall, TGTTOS, Dynaball and Battle Box!

Hole In The Wall 🧩

Winter Beach 🏖️


Even Santa needs a holiday. Hit the beach and bask in the winter sunshine…. not that I’d want to go sunbathing with walls of slime hurtling towards me!

Battle Box ⚔️

Winter Spa 💦


It’s a tradition in Nordic countries to sit in a warm sauna then dive into the frozen waters to refresh and rejuvenate the body… We find fighting three teams back to back does the same job pretty well.

Santa’s Slay 🎅


The classic returns - Dive into Santa’s garage and fight for the right to help him deliver presents!

Can’t help but think this map would be better if there was a typo in the title…

Dynaball 💣

Sled 🛷


Dashing through the snow
TnT all in my way
Blocks all burning bright
Blowing up the other sleigh!

Presents 🎁

Present Article.png

The Holidays are a time for giving, and what better gift can you give than a TnT block to the head? … I mean, yeah, you could give them chocolates, but this makes a much bigger statement!


Santa's Train and Polar Passing 🚂


You know ‘em; you love ‘em - the MCC Event classics are back!

Rush over, under and through Santa’s train and help him deliver presents to all the good kids and lumps of coal to those who’ve been very naughty… like people who punch at the end of courses. All the coal for them!

Jingle Jam 2023!🪩

Jingle Jam.png

We’re Jingle jamming!

The Yogscast's annual Jingle Jam Event is upon us! Help support some amazing charities and get your hands on some awesome MCC Island goodies!

HITW Resource Changes! 🧩
Hole in the Wall now uses the regular resource pack instead of having a separate one!


  • This removes the loading screen before joining a HITW game
  • Slime is now green again and iron trapdoors are (intentionally) not slime-colored.

Take the Holiday Spirit to heart! For soon, a new season will take hold of MCC Island…
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