MCC Season 2 - Economy Changes!


Over the last 2 and a half months of Open Beta, we’ve learned a lot about the economy - what works and what could use some tweaks.

So we’re making some major changes to improve your experience and make sure you get more killer loot that you’re looking for and less filler (who likes chicken feathers anyway)!

There’s a mountain of changes to get through, so let's crack in!

Crate Machine Changes 🎁

We’re doing the biggest overhaul yet to our friendly Crate Machines to make the whole system a lot simpler!

Crate tuners are gone and instead, there are 3 new pull types (Standard, Boosted, and Ultimate) with their own unique Crate Tokens! The higher the pull tier, the higher the chance you’ll get a rarer crate! So you’re more likely to pull a Legendary Crate from a Legendary Pull than a Standard one etc.


These tokens can be earned from all the same places as before, from the brand new Token Meter and also from Token Quest Scrolls, which will now highlight what sort of token they give.

You can also perform pulls with gems instead of waiting for a token!!

New Crate Types 📥


But it’s not just the Crate pulls that have changed. The crates themselves have been repackaged and ready to hit the island with a bang…not literally, of course.

Rather than lumping every item you can potentially get in one crate and making it a gamble what you’ll find inside, we’re splitting our items across 4 different crate types:
  • Cosmetic Crates will always contain a cosmetic.
  • Blueprint Crates will always contain a blueprint for a cosmetic.
  • Questing Crates contain Quest Scrolls, Reroll Tokens or Refreshers.
  • Material Crates contain Crafting Materials and some bonus Material Dust, a new currency we’ll cover later in this post. These will replace Material Pouches.

When you make a pull, you’ll have a chance to pull one of these crate types. All 4 of these types of crates still each have all 5 rarities, so for example, when your pull gives you an “uncommon crate” you’ll just randomly get one of the four types of crates, uncommon in rarity.

The Crate Attuner Machine 🔗

Replacing the Attuned Crate Pull, we’re giving The Crate Machine a new friend, The Crate Attuner Machine.


Using Attunement Crystals (or Gems) you can attune your Cosmetic or Blueprint Crates to cover a specific cosmetic pool! The cost of attunement (both in crystals and gems) scales with the rarity of the crate.

Attunement Crystals can be found in Treasure Chests or bought in shops!


Seasonal and Legacy Crate Machine 🍂

Seasonal and Legacy crates are being moved to their own special machine! You can learn all about the Seasonal Crates over on the MCC Island Season 2 Article!

The Legacy Crate 🐔
Introducing the Legacy Crate, your one-stop-shop for obtaining legacy cosmetics. This pool will continue to fill with new cosmetics as more seasons and events happen.


ALL cosmetics from prior events and seasons will go into this pool, excluding Cloaks and Webstore Exclusives.

This machine also prevents duplicates, so you’ll always get a different item when you pull from this machine!

Legacy Rework.png

You can open the Legacy Crate in exchange for a Legacy Crate Key, which are primarily obtained from Fusion Forging.

What to do with old Tokens and Openables 🔓

With all these new additions to the crate system, some existing items are going to disappear from the Island altogether.

For old items, scavenging the item will give you a new item of the same value. For example, scavenging an Attuned Crate Token will give you 1x Boosted Crate Token.


For old openables that no longer exist, such as the old crates, these will open up and give you new openables and or new items of the same value.

Game Pass Changes 🎮

As we mentioned previously, we’ve made a few changes to Game Passes' role in MCC Island’s Economy.

Rather than be purchasable in-game using Gems, we’ve moved Game Passes to the MCC Island Store, with a big reduction to their price. By doing this and adding more reasons to spend gems, we hope that gems will flow through the server better.

Quest Meters ⏲️

If there one thing we like on MCC Island apart from awesome games, it’s loot! Who doesn’t love loot?

To make sure you get even more rewards for playing on MCC Island, we’ve introduced Quest Meters! These are passive meters that fill up as you play and earn Faction XP from MCCI Games (not scrolls or quests, you’re already getting rewards for those)

Types of Quest Meter

There are 3 meters running at the same time, each filling up and giving you different items when they’re full!

Pouch Meter


This gives you a random Currency Pouch between Small and Overflowing every time you fill it up! You can claim 10 pouches a day, with the amount of Faction XP needed to unlock the next pouch increasing after every 2 claims. Earned XP and any XP increases resets at the start of the next day.

Token Meter


This meter gives you a random Crate Token, either Standard, Boosted or Ultimate when you fill it up! It takes a lot of XP to fill this meter up so it doesn’t reset and has no claim limit - if you can fill it up you can claim your prize!

Material Meter (MCC+)


This meter gives you bonus Material Dust, a new currency in MCC Island which we’ll talk about in a little bit ‘cause its very special, and can be claimed once a day! This is a bonus meter and is only available to MCC+ subscribers.

MCC+ has loads of perks beyond this, including a bunch of daily gems and access to Plobbies so you can run your own mini-MCCs! Learn more and get your hands on MCC+ at the MCC Island Store!

Material Dust ✨

We heard you when you let us know that gathering the right material for Prestiging or creating blueprints was way too difficult.

So, Material Dust is here to fix that!

Over at Stella Swapz, you can use material dust to purchase ANY material item you want.

Missing that one specific component, need a bit of extra binding gel, or just can’t seem to get your hands on that power shard you’re after, Stella’s will always have what you need… provided you have the Material Dust and Silver to buy it.

Material Dust Update.png

How to get Material Dust

There’s a plethora of places to find Material Dust on MCC Island.
  • Material Crates will always include some bonus dust when opened. The higher the rarity of the crate, the more dust you’ll get!
  • Material Quest Scrolls will now give you a decent amount of Material Dust when completed.
  • Scavenging Materials gives you Material Dust instead of specific items, based on the value of the material scavenged. If you’ve got too much of one material, scavenge it for dust to trade for another!
  • The Material Meter we discussed earlier is also a great way to get an extra bit of dust each day.

Quests and Quest Spirit 🔥

We introduced Quest Spirit a little while ago to help provide another way to purchase items and get those tasty goodies that you want. However, we found that we didn’t go far enough in spreading that questing spirit across the server, so we’ve made some changes!

Quest Changes

Daily Quests will now reward players with Quest Spirit when completed! We’ve also increased the amount of Quest Spirit that Quest Scrolls give out to fuel that fighting spirit inside of you!


We’ve also made a load of changes to some quests themselves to make them a little less time-consuming to complete, focusing more on your amazing skills, rather than how long you’re playing. This is also reflected in some game XP alterations.

To find out the specifics, check out this update’s patch notes!

General ☄️

As you can imagine, with massive changes like this, other systems have had to change to accommodate.

Treasure Chests 💎


Treasure Chests have had a massive buff, providing even more consistently awesome stuff!

We’ve reduced the amount of Treasure Keys you need to trade in at the Treasure Horde from 5 keys to 3. You can now craft and trade in Bronze Treasure Keys, for Bronze Treasure Chests so you’re never too far away from digging up that hidden booty!

Fusion Forging ⚒️

Fusion Forge Update.png

The Fusion Forge at Scavengers Hideout and Splinters Workshop has been retuned to remove any redundant items and add new ones! Additionally, you can now choose to skip the remaining time on a fusion forge using gems! This has also been added for blueprint crafting.

Recipes have also had some adjustments:
  • Changed the recipe for Uncommon Key Shards to no longer require binding gel, and now instead only require 3x Common Key Shards.
  • Added a recipe for the new Legacy Crate Key.
  • Added a recipe for the new Bronze Treasure Key.
  • Added a recipe for the new Material Singularity. I wonder what it’s for…

Bazaar & Lobby

Most of the shops in the Bazaar have updated their stock to include the new items!

Finally, the MCC Island lobby has had a massive makeover so all the important places are easier to get to and not hidden away down dark alleys or around secret corners… who knows what’s lurking down there now….

And that’s your lot!

This has been a massive undertaking, but we hope that this makes travelling through MCC Island easier, more exciting and more shiny!

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on MCC Island and suggestions on how we can make it even better for everyone!​
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