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With MCC Island Season 2 just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to sit down and answer all the questions you might guys have about MCC+!


With MCC+ we wanted to create a rank that feels like a worthy addition and something that helps players interact with even more of the island! MCC+ is a monthly Island top-up that offers a BUNCH of perks to make your Island experience even better!

Here’s a very quick rundown of everything that MCC+ has to offer:

300 gems a month 💎

MCC+ will be a great way for players to get a consistent income of gems, helping you indulge in all the gem-related things on the Island. Every day (just like pocket money!), 10 Gems will be put in a pot ready for you to collect just by logging on to the server!

If you miss a day, then don’t worry! The pot can store up to 3 days of missed gems, so they’ll be waiting for you when you eventually log in.

Your gem claim will be waiting for you on the login screen, which you can alternatively bring up at any time by using the command /login

Over the month, you’ll eventually collect up to 300 Gems to spend however you like! You could pick up the latest Battle Pass, make a pull on the Crate Machine, or snag that aura you’ve always wanted!

20% Faction XP Boost from Games 🕹

With MCC+, you’ll get an XP boost to all the Faction XP earned through game rewards! Level up your loyalty to your Faction and get those faction rewards faster!


Set your Favourite Games in your Quest Log ♥️

Have a favourite game that you just don’t get enough quests for? With MCC+ you’ll get a new option in your Quest Log to select three of your favourite MCC Island games.

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Once they’re selected, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting quests with tasks for those games! You can also change which games you want to select at any time!

Whenever your quests refresh, your favourited games will appear as hearted quest icons!

Unlimited Access to Parkour Warrior Dailies 🐸

The Parkour Warrior Daily challenge will be coming with a new ticketing system that’s designed to make it fairer for everyone. As an MCC+ user, you’ll simply enjoy unlimited access to the Daily Challenges, and not have to worry about the tickets!


Private Lobbies (more on this below. Seriously it’s cool) 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Access the Material Quest Meter 🕕

As part of our economy tweaks, we’re going to be introducing a new currency- Material Dust! This magical power can be used to purchase ANY material component you need on the Island - No more waiting for the RNG gods to smile on you! Material Dust is earned through Material Crates, Quest Scrolls and scavenging OR if you own MCC+, you can access the new Material Quest Meter, where you can earn a consistent extra bit of dust each day!


Keep an eye on the forums for more information about our big economy tweak in Season 2!

Icon & Emojis 🤪

All players with MCC+ will get a cool evolving icon next to their name, the longer you're subscribed the prettier your icon will be! You'll also be able to use cool Island emojis in chat!


MCC+ Package Details 👛

MCC+ will be available to purchase through our webstore, and each package will top you up with an amount of MCC+ days to your account.

Packages will be sold as: (Prices are listed without taxes)
  • 30 Days (Auto-Renew) - $7.69
    • Sold as a subscription option for those who don’t want to keep renewing it manually! (And you’ll make a small saving by doing so!)
  • 30 Days - $7.99
    • This is a one-time purchase that will simply add 30 days of MCC+ to your account.
  • 90 Days - $19.99
    • By buying 3 months in one go, you’ll make an approximate 14% saving.
  • 360 Days - $76.79
    • 1 year top-up, gives the equivalent of about 2 months free when bought in one go.

You can always view how many days you have left by hovering over the Rank icon in your personal menu!

MCC+ will be available to purchase when Season 2 drops later this week!

Plobbies 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

A major feature of MCC+ is the new Private Lobbies system… Plobbies!


In your social menu, you’ll find a shiny new tab for Plobbies! Get a big group of your friends together to no-life TGTTOS, host a tournament or use the map selection system to get really, really good at one thing.

How to get Plobbies 🛒

If you have access to MCC+, you’ve got plobbies!

You don't need a rank to get MCC+!

Only the host of the plobby needs to own MCC+ to create a plobby; once a plobby is created, anyone from any rank can join, provided they have the code or are invited!

Creating your Plobby 🏗️

The Plobbies tab is where you can create your own private lobby! Plobbies maximum size is 40, including spectators however, the maximum number of players is dependent on the game you are playing!

So you can have 32 players playing in Sky Battle or 16 in Battle Box; beyond that, you can fill the remaining spots with spectators.You can also choose if new players join your plobby as a player or a spectator in the Plobby settings! So you always have control over who’s in your game!

Inviting people to your Plobby 📜

Plobbies are no fun if you don’t have people to play with, and in the Plobby settings, you have two ways to add people to the fun - by inviting them or by generating a join code!

When you set your plobby to Invite only, only the people you want to invite can join the plobby!

Alternatively, you can generate a Join Code, which any player can use to jump in and play! Players can easily connect to your game using the Join Code by running the command /plobby join [Join Code]

Have enough people in your plobby and don’t want anyone else to join? You can close your plobby to prevent things from getting overcrowded!

Once you’ve got everyone together and your Plobby full of players, it's time for the real fun to begin.

Select your Game AND Map Pool 🎮

With Plobbies, not only can you select which game you want to play, but you can also select the map pools for each game! Want to no-life HITW? Bounce away! Running a Sky Battle Tournament? Set up map lockouts and take to the sky!

You can select as many or as few maps as you like, but you always need to pick one so things can get started - we advise selecting three if you’re playing TGTTOS though; otherwise, you’ll play the same one 3 times…unless that's what you want, we’re not here to judge.

Loothaven (10).jpg

Ready to play? Run a ready check with your lobby to see if everyone’s raring to go and start the game!

Still not sure about Plobbies? Check out our video all about them and how they work!

We’re SUPER excited for what Plobbies can bring to the MCC Island community, whether you’re a streamer hosting games with your chat, creating a tournament for the best of the best, or simply having a great time with friends!​
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