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May 19, 2022

Moderator rank is a position of trust. Pillars of the community, Moderators ensure that the Noxcrew Community Code of Conduct is adhered to and rule-breakers are managed. They have the power to punish players according to the punishment system to ensure that the MCC Island server is safe and enjoyable.

If you feel knowledgeable in the Code of Conduct, and wish to support our community, then read the requirements and then submit your application!

Application Requirements

In order to apply, you must:
  • Have a valid Java Minecraft account
  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Have a working microphone
  • Not be active as Staff on any other Minecraft Server
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Have a Forum Profile Picture

Application Process

If you meet the base requirements, you can apply to become a Moderator! Fill out your application in detail to ensure you show us all that you are capable of, as well as some general information about yourself. (All applications are private and can only be viewed by the Staff team)

Once you have submitted your application, the Staff Management will review it within 2 months of submission.
  • If your application has been reviewed and denied, then you should expect not to receive any further communication within this period.
    • Consider the potential reasons why your application was denied, and use this to inform you how to improve it for your next application!
  • If your application has been reviewed and accepted, then you will be contacted via the provided Discord account by the Staff Manager (cheesierpasta on Discord). This does not guarantee you will receive the rank, but it is the first stage of accepting your application.
    • We will then set up a Voice Interview to go through your application and get to know you more!
    • If you pass the interview stage, then you will be brought onto the team through our onboarding stage. This is a good time to ensure you are fully aware of our rules and their intricacies!

If you have read the requirements and the process, then you are ready to apply:

Mod applications are currently open.​

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Update: (Feb 27th 2023)
  • Increased minimum age from 15 -> 16
Update: (Jun 21st 2023)
  • Increased duration in which management will review your application from one month to two.
Update: (Jul 18th 2023)
  • Closed applications temporarily.
Update: (Aug 25th 2023)
  • Reopened applications.
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