Loyalty Road rewards should still be able to be claimed even if you are no longer on the required Faction.

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I recently hit level 60 with the Aqua Axolotls, and as I wanted to maximise the rewards I was getting from Faction XP, I switched over to the Cyan Coyotes to put my levels into that faction. However, by mistake, I had not claimed the Prestige II Challenge, and therefore, I cannot claim those as I had just changed Factions.

Now, this is a pretty big inconvenience, as I will need to wait 24 hours in order to return to the Aqua Axolotls and then another 24 hours to switch back, resulting in me losing 24 hours worth of XP. There is no reason for the Loyalty Road system to require the player to be on a certain Faction to claim rewards, as they had accomplished the necessary requirements to achieve the level threshold.

This request is not a significant change to make and would help the somewhat common occurrences of changing Factions without claiming the rewards.


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Jan 25, 2023
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