Leap into Island's new game - Parkour Warrior Dojo!


The Ninja Frog Gods have finally blessed us and brought Parkour Warrior to MCC Island. Hop, skip and jump your way through the most challenging Parkour Courses these ancient deities (and the devious MCCI Community) could dream up.

What is Parkour Warrior Dojo? ⛩

Parkour Warrior is the pinnacle of Parkour perfection.


But of course, this isn’t your event’s Parkour Warrior; things are a little bit different.

First, the courses are shorter than the event, so it’ll take far less time to complete.

Wait, did I say course? I meant courses. Each month, we’ll be releasing seven Monthly Courses for players to tackle on the Island.

At the start of each month, one course will be unlocked and available to play, with a further six available to be unlocked by completing the course and banking medals; the more medals you bank, the more courses you unlock. You can switch between unlocked courses in the Parkour Warrior Hub, which will also give you information about the courses, your times and your progress towards unlocking the next one.


If you happen to have the MCC Island Premium Battle Pass, you’ll also have access to Daily Courses. This course rotates every day, offering new challenges for you to tackle and new trials to overcome.

Grab your Battle Pass on the MCC Island store to unlock Parkour Warrior Daily Challenges and a whole host of consumables and cosmetics!

Challenge Mode 🏁


You can switch between two modes in Parkour Warrior: Challenge Mode and Practice Mode

In Challenge mode, you have to collect as many medals as possible by completing the obstacles on the main path and banking them by completing an ending path of varying difficulty. You can earn even more medals by taking on and completing the optional side paths as well!

Each course has 21 Medals to collect depending on which ending obstacle you attempt. The Easy End course offers one medal, Medium two, and the Hard Ending will earn you three medals.

Banking these medals unlocks new courses for you to attempt - the frogs in the Dojo will tell you how many you need to bank to unlock the next course!


Feeling Confident? Think this is all too easy? Then start aiming for Advanced or Expert completion.

To earn an Advanced Completion, complete the course in less than 5 minutes with at least 16 medals banked.

To go even further beyond and achieve Expert Completion, complete the course in less than 5 minutes with ALL 21 medals banked. Yes, even the side path medals.

Think you’re quick enough to take on the challenge? Well, get out there and show us what you’ve got!

Practice Mode 🌠

Practice Mode is a bit more chilled out, giving you the time to perfect your movement until your heart is content. In this mode, you can practice the course or individual obstacles to improve your parkour skills.

While you can’t earn medals or get on the leaderboard in this mode, you can practice to your heart’s content. Move freely around the course using the navigation tool to move forwards and backwards to intersections across the course. So you can skip those pesky triple neos if you’re not in the mood to take them on!

Feeling determined to master a particular obstacle? Practice mode has you covered.

Using the repeat item, you can put an obstacle or section (sets of 3 obstacles) on repeat! Doing so will teleport you back to the start of that particular obstacle if and when you complete it so you can practice it again and again without interruption.

You can swap between the modes anytime using the Mode Swap item in your inventory. Swapping to Challenge mode from Practice mode will teleport you to the start of the course - no sneaky half-course collections for you!

Score and Leaderboards 🥇


This is all well and good, but why are we jumping for the amusement of some weird ninja frog guys? Surely we must be getting something out of this?

Of course you are!

Completing the course will reward players with that tasty, tasty faction XP!

You can also earn rewards via the Parkour Warrior Game Pass by performing certain tasks. There’s a standard and premium pass, each offering a treasure trove of consumables, openables and cosmetics! Game Passes can be upgraded at the MCC Island Store or in-game with gems!


There are also three leaderboards for each of the seven monthly courses, which can be found in the starting platform for each course. These leaderboards are for:

Standard Completion -This shows the fastest time a player has completed the course regardless of the amount of medals they banked and time they took

Advanced Completion - This shows the fastest time a player has completed the course while banking at least 16 medals within 5 minutes

Expert Completion - This shows the fastest time a player has completed the course while banking all available medals within 5 minutes.

The Future ⏳

So that’s Parkour Warrior, for now.

Parkour Warrior Survivor is waiting for you all soon - so keep your eye peeled and your toes ready for more exciting action in the very near future.
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