Kits in battle box

I noticed it comming up alot in other threads, and that Admins wanted some suggestions and to know the problomatic ones so im going to provide my thoughts map by map!

Disclaimer: Kit info is coming from a mix of my own knowlage and the wiki page as not all kits are listed anywhere some info may be incorrect im trying to crossbow refrence where i can but it may not be perfect

Universial change:
All boots recive Projectile protection 1-2 to reduce effects of bow spam and crossbows whithout stripping away their usefullness

Scrapper is a good all round kit, i have no changes for this kit. Regen is strong for this map blindness is good but not too good plus the map dosnt let it play to it as much as others so the kit is in a good spot

Healer is good here the kit has great synergy however it is a bit slow for the pace of the game but you cant fix this without increasing damage of the axe so i think its in an okay spot maybe give it a wooden sword as a second option.
[This kit needs Shears as Cobwebs cant be broken easily with this kits equipment]

Flanker is undetunned this kit probably needs a buff to enable it to fight better its great at moving but it cant enable itself to take fights somthing small like a regen spark blindness orb or some small utility, i could even see a levitation spark to get to the top of the bridge being an amazing tool that fit the kits theme

Trickster slightly overtuned right now but if kits are buffed its the bottom of the top tier crossbow kits so its fine, maybe reduce the ammount of cobwebs

Sharpshooter this kit is very opressive but this cannot be changed easily, in the hands of a good player this kit can station itself in very strong positions and fires at alot of diffrent angles easily, this kit probably needs less arrows Reduce from +8 -> +4
[This kit needs Shears as Cobwebs cant be broken easily with this kits equipment]

Paint Factory
Healer is fine here, it has movment tools it has healing tools it does its job any more utility added and it could become too strong healer kits are on the whole well balanced

Flanker its very good here but i think its only good because of the map, if the stairs are replaced to slabs to reduces the speed and force a longer commitment i think this kit is fine as its great skill expression dosnt have too much utility, if you want to change it maybe replace harming orb with levitation or blindness orb

Trickster is really weak here it has weak utility, an minimal gimmick invis sparks are weak in general and get very weak against good players who can still track movments or even predict (i know ive caught players out by doing both reliably and im only considered a good player not an amazing player). this kit needs more tools Blindness orbs would be really nice here or some new utility? this is a map where orbs are weak because they need to be positioned really specificly so maybe a sticky orb of some kind that sticks to wall? (not sure how doable this is) this issues this would solve is it could fire orbs onto the front of the main spawn structure and hit players hiding behidn the wall following the role of trickster.

Sharpshooter, the levitation works well for it and its a low level crossbow so dosnt need much might want to mabe reduce the ammount of orbs it gets from 2 -> 1 just because it can be spammed a bit or just be a slightly too good get in and out tool when taking team fights from across the gap

Gageteer encorages bow spam and that itself is not healthy for the ebb and flow of the game, cobwebs slow flanks extra arrows let it spam more easily and blindness orbs act as a good get of me tool, i suggest not giving it extra arrows or redcuing the ammount the cobwebs can be nice to counter flanker and sharpshooter to keep them in check

Train station

before i get into this one this is a debated map so take this one with a pich of salt (also i dont know every kits contence on this map by heart and its not listed anywhere i can find)

Sharpshooter, has been nerfed but is still strong. this map naturally spawns get me in tools in the form of harming orbs so it isnt lacking that very often it is a crossbow kit and is thus very strong and it has and speed for rotation and survivability letting it reduce the margain of error this kit is very strong and i think should be changed a deacent ammount (i cant remeber if they remove it orb or healing but both where strong healing was wayyyy stronger though)
  • Crossbow [Quick Charge] - > Crossbow [Percing] keep the sharpshooter theme is the best map for this enchantment stop it being too fast
  • if it still has healing remove it if not remove the speed spark instead.

Scrapper, this kit is overshadowed by sharpshooter its about the same level as the nerfed version of Sharpshooter i preposed. this kit will probably be fine to stay as it is so long as other kits are buffed

[Name - I forgot]
Cobweb, punch bow and healing

Perfectly balanced kit it works well for the map has the correct balance of utility and is overall solid

[Name - i forgot]
Both types of Orb
give this kit a singular healing orb just to let teams reduce their margain of error for teams and let it have some propper use as the other kits have similar utility but better weapons or kits in general

[Name and kit forgot]
ik this one is weak, its for forgettable and belowe average ive never played it i think it has speed sparks and an orb?
just give this perment speed and a harming orb

Haunted mansion

Baller great kit here only change i would make Glowing orb [1x] - > [2x]

Scrapper way better than all the other kits but fine when everything else is buffed

Trickster... this is a map thats so big with enough paths invis is usless + glowing orbs make it even more usless
  • Wooden sword -> Stone sword
  • [New] + Blindness orb

Flanker has the same issue just speed sparks are slightly better than invis i think this maps so big and game usually last either really long or really short that the 3 speed sparks either get drained to fast or not used so maybe another one for permenet speed if im honest this would work because it has a wooden sword it wouldnt be OP here and let it get consistant value

Healer Mostly fine here invis is still weak and kb Axe is weaker here than on canal again maybe give it Axe + wooden sword just to give it some consistancy and versatility


(again no recorded info so sorry if somthing is wrong)

Baller - its fine here just not many paths to push in with the orbs so falls a bit flat not the kits fault more of a map issue

Flanker (i think that what it is, whatever the second one down is) again just weak here compared to other kits probably just give this one some unique utility a levitation orb would be nice and niche letting it speedily get onto the mid or a spark would let it fast rotate to the top of the map giving the map a few more options for flanking and pushing (this would also maker baller better by default as somthing can push with its orbs)

Gageteer this kit is perfect, it has a good gimmick that plays around movment really well and the map geomerty its got pvp uses and overall is okay

Scrapper... Scrappper... okay iron sword is fair and the gapple sort of it is? its fair in team play in soloQ it suffers from even though the gapple is slow its still the best healing item in the game on the kit with the best melee weapon in the game and because in soloQ it dosnt suffer that penalty of being 2v1ed as much it can easily get the gapple of without risking itself that much you could give the sword knockback to reduce its streagth it would add alot of utility to the kit especially with the map layout while keeping its unique feel and gimmick

Sharpshooter, pretty mcuh fine here it has a great combo with the melee and ranged weapons maybe give it 1 more speed spark to just make that more reliable

Gold Mine

healer is fine ig? its the most bare bones healer there is so maybe give it a speed spark so it can rotate to teamates faster healer has good synergy with the map gimmick and the levi sparks as it can use them and then throw orbs at teamates so its pretty okay here

Flanker is weak here, choke points in the upper section make the sparks meaningless until later into rounds which its vaule of being able to open up positions and take fights becomes less usefull the arrows dont mesh with its playstyle it wants to do at all so my suggestions
  • 1x - 2x speed spark
  • Grant it an extra levitation spark
  • give it a levitation orb (normal not timed)
  • remove the arrows

Sharpshooter solid ig? its got good synergy with levitation the map nerfs it a bit which is good soo overall this is fine

Scrapper, this is tough its overtunned but the map needs it? like its ability to take a fight is sooo good that it probably is needed to be good unless we add a timed harming orb onto this map which i do want somthing to have but i dont know what because the kits are very close in viability. so leave it but if it still seems too strong maybe take its potions away amnd give it a blindness orb lets it get in still because of healing and new blindness orb but keeps it from being overly powerful

Gageteer its fine i guess the crossbow change made it really good option


im going to start of by saying this map is a nightmare to fix, for any intrested partys my post on crossbow balance applies alot here but basically crossbows make the map flow very well

ill kinda group the kits up here for this one to reduce the ammount of writing

Scrapper + Sharpshooter allow the rounds to flow faster and let more agressve plays be made because they can stand agressivly while throwing orbs letting them push with orbs and then consistantly win fights this sounds over powered but its what makes pipes flow the way it does so we need to at minimum keep the crossbows but maybe give other kits the orbs and a safety option like healing scrapper is slightly more balanced than Sharpshooter so for this i wont make change suggestions but changing it or leaving it would be fine either way

Gageteer is fine i guess, it can destroy the structure voids holding up the water which can be quite funny and has some great options for blocking of parts of the map i think it should get

the last kits are similar enough to group up i think both i think both need healing or maybe a spark of absorbtion so it can, at a reduced risk, throw orbs one of these kits should get sharshooters timed harming orb and sharpshooter should be given one of their glowing or just be given a speed spark


im only going to comment on 2 of these as everything else is pretty well balanced like gageteer is weak but has lots of good streagths at the same time, same with the other kits

Flanker is just weak its sparks cannot be used to boost movment to a few locations as it requires alot of jumping s maybe give this Scrappers timed harming orb

Scrapper is reallllly strong combo like other scrappers before it it just has a push in option healing to regate consistancy issues and let it take more fights than other kits can its just alot of good combinations remove the hardming orb and give it blindness thats about it and its fine then keeps the identity removes the overwhelming streangth

[from here my map knowlage is less as i reduced the ammount of time i played just before the summer patch]

Sharpshooter is very strong here maybe just buff other stuff to match its level (sorry for the short one ive played this map the least out of everything


oooooo thats makes like just hard... im gonna to avoid this one its got too many issues for me personally a large map very few sight lines weak weapons and very few get me in tools and the few tools you have struggle to be used because their is no consistant weapons

just give some other kits wooden swords kinda as simple as that ive seen alot of people locking healer and the stone sword one and nothing else soo give 2 of the kits that arnt healer stone swords that should fix any issues there if we keep 2 per kit if not this map is mostly fine maybe give a kit with weaker utility a stone sword

Pumkin patch

oddly enough kits are fine here the one without a bow in the 2 per kit patch has no reason to be picked same with the wooden sword but other than that this is fine this is either fixed by reverting the change or just ajusting how much utility the other 3 kits have compard to those 2


before we get into it i just want to say this map is awesome its less direct pvp and more strategie than the other maps that have similar kits or layouts really well done!!

the two crossbow kits are fine they have a good utility to streagth balanace the other 3 just need brought up (my knowlage of these kits outfittings is too low for me to comment on what has what as i really dont know it just needs buffed to be able to take fights with crossbows or push them out of stronger spots also a jumping potion would go so well for this map!!)

hope that helps at all if i havent given enough of a reason for any of these please just say and ill try explain my throught process

this is a very long list of suggestions so sorry whoever had to read that xD


Jan 25, 2023
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Hi there,

Thank you for providing your feedback. We appreciate your help in making MCC Island the best it can be!

While we may not reply to your feedback thread, we want to assure you that your feedback will still be seen and reviewed by the team.

Thank you again for your help!
Thanks a lot! This is a lot to read so I won't read it right now but when we talk about BB kit balance we'll go through all of these suggestions and take them in mind along with other feedback we've received.
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Thanks for the feedback! There will be a battle box kit balance coming next week and this will help a lot!
This is awesome ty!!!!
i do want to say just 1-2 things? that for me are the two biggest take aways

Buff weak, not nerf strong

when you do make changes please dont nerf the good kits (unless they are really overtuned) buff the weaker kits to their level (ish) it makes you want to pick kits rarther than go oh i guess thats the best of a batch bunch just dont overdo it where every kit is self sufficent

and second is just dont be afraid to do some universal changes, it would be great!

Shears for kits without swords on maps that kits have cobwebs, this lets them break the cobwebs like the sword can
for me and a few other projectil protecion is a huge on just low levels but enough to reduce how strong bows and CB are for damage but letting them still be usefull
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