Introducing Gateway - Noxcrew's Authentication System


Introducing Gateway!

Hello everyone! We're really excited to be launching Gateway, our central authentication system, today. This post should answer any questions you have.

What is Gateway?

Gateway combines all Noxcrew services into a single account system. Sign in to your Gateway Account and get the most out of all the Noxcrew services you use. Your account helps you do more by personalising your Noxcrew experience and offering easy access to your most important information from anywhere.

How do I use Gateway?

From today, everyone using the forums will use Gateway. It uses exactly the same Microsoft login that you're used to, so no new tricky passwords are needed. This is alongside the security systems behind Microsoft Accounts like 2FA.

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What if I already have an account on the Forums?

Existing accounts will be linked to Gateway automatically so long as you login with the same Microsoft Account. This process is seamless - once linked you'll receive confirmation and everything will resume as normal.

Why is Gateway better than the existing login system?

As Gateway is controlled by us we're able to connect your account with all current and future Noxcrew services. The homepage discusses some of our immediate plans, including linking Discord Account (so roles sync across servers) and providing API access to our active development community. There are further unannounced projects in the pipeline which will use Gateway.

Gateway will also attempt to automatically link to your Minecraft: Java Edition profile. You can check whether this was successful and change accounts on your Account page.

Is Gateway secure?

Gateway uses widely-used technology to store and manage your accounts. Some of you may be conscious of the permissions ("scopes") we're requesting from Microsoft when you login; these are used in an approved and responsible way and we do not have access to sensitive data related to your Minecraft profile.

We do not store passwords and it is not possible for us to do so.

How can I get support?

Our Support Team are available to help if you have Gateway-related questions or data protection concerns.
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