How to play MCC Party!

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It's the question on everyone's lips - What is MCC Party?

Well, if the Update Video didn’t give you enough Party action, let me talk you through everything that is MCC Party!

If MCC Scuffed was us messing with our usual games and making them totally unpredictable, then MCC Party is Scuffed’s evil twin - the games stay the same, but the dome and the scoring system have been completely turned on their head. Think Mario Party with an MCC twist!

But how do I win? 🏆

Don’t think that having the most coins is going to get you into Dodgebolt this time.

You need Crowns!


Imagine Crowns as the Stars in Mario Party; the two teams with the most Crowns at the end of 8 games will fight it out in the Dodgebolt court for ultimate party victory!

But how do you get crowns? Crowns can be purchased with the coins you earn in the MCC Games. You can only buy Crowns after games 2, 4, 6, and 8, so you need to be tactical about when to grab them or when to horde your coins to buy even more later.

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Coins 💰

Coins are earned as usual and are still affected by our game multipliers throughout the event.

In the hub, your team’s coins are always visible, so you’ll always know what you’re working with. However, the other teams’ coins will remain hidden so you won’t know how wealthy they are except at the half-time break.

Coins earned in-game by all teams are visible, so you might be able to track how much they’ve earned if you’re quick at maths, but not how much they’ve spent at the store.

MCC Party Store 🛒

All Dome Items, Special Items and Crowns can be bought at the MCC Party Store, found to the right of the Dome bridge.


Items are used during the Decision Dome phase of the event and will give your team an advantage and help you choose the game you want to play. As well as our normal selection of items, we have included some new and powerful toys to change how the dome plays out.

The price of items and crowns will go up throughout the event, but not by the same amount as the multiplier, meaning items will get more expensive as the event progresses, but never too expensive.

Special Items ✨

Special Items are exceptionally powerful Dome items that can earn you additional coins and crowns. As such, they’re very expensive!

Here’s a quick rundown of what they all do

Jokers 🃏

Joker items offer you a chance to get additional crowns for doing well in any MCC game, but be warned - you can lose a crown if you end up doing badly.



Gain additional crowns from a game depending on where your team places, but be careful; you can lose a crown if your team does badly. Only use it if you’re confident in your chosen game!

1st: +2 Crowns
2nd-5th: +1 Crown
6th-7th: +0 Crowns
8th-10th: -1 Crown

Super Joker

Gain more additional crowns from a game depending on where your team places, but be careful; you can lose multiple crowns if your team does badly. Only use it if you’re super confident in your chosen game!

1st-3rd: +3 Crowns
4th-5th: -1 Crown
5th-10th: -3 Crowns

You can activate a Joker in that small window after a game is selected, but before you’re teleported, so you can choose to use it on the games you feel most confident about, but you better be quick about it!

Stealers 🕶️


Stealer items are used like the Dunk Bow - shoot them at another team to use them. They come in two variants: Crown Stealers and Coin Stealers and you can only buy one of each per round.

Crown Stealer

Steal 2 Crowns from another team.

Coin Stealer

Steal 1000 Coins from another team.

Super Crown Stealer

Steal 3 Crowns from another team.

Super Coin Stealer

Steal 1250 Coins from another team.

Stealers are half as effective when used on teams below you, so make sure you know where you stand before shooting!

To prevent a catastrophe, teams can only be stolen from twice in the same dome. After that, your team will become drained and will be safe from steals and dunks until the next dome. Drained teams will have a grey pod instead of a coloured pod. Shooting at a drained team will have no effect and you will get your stealer back to steal from somebody else.


Insurance 🛡️

Sick of the other teams trying to steal your coins and crowns? You need Insurance!


Insurance will give you half of what you lost when you get stolen from and protects you from being dunked. The team stealing from you will still get the full amount, but you will lose less when it is active.

You can only buy one Insurance per round and it only lasts for a single dome, so you'll need to rebuy it every time. After the break, the bottom three teams going into each dome are given free insurance to help them a little bit!

Locked Safe 🔒


Need some more coins to grab that final Crown? Think you’re pretty good at the next couple of games? Then bring along a locked safe full of coins, ready to be yours if you can crack it open. What’s the key? Do well in your next game!

1st-3rd: +1000 Coins
4th-5th: +700 Coins

Mega and Mega Anti-Chickens 🐔


You all know what a Mega Chicken is, but it’s time you met its meaner cousin, the Mega Anti-Chicken.

Throwing a mega chicken into the dome spawns a friendly Chicken Man who will count as 3 of their feathered brethren wherever they stop on the Dial.

Mega Anti-Chickens are the opposite and will remove three votes from whichever section of the Dial they stop on.

As usual, all Mega Chicken Varients are free to wander the Dial as they please, so there’s no guarantee they’ll stay where they’re thrown.

Four Leaf Clover 🍀

The four-leaf clover will be handed out to the unluckiest teams in the event after game 4. It allows you to buy supercharged versions of Stealer items to get you back in the game!

Use it quick though; you can only hold on to the clover for a single dome!

It’s not over til it’s over - Bonus Crowns! 👑

At the end of the event, teams will be awarded Bonus Crowns for being the best at secret objectives throughout the event.

The top team in that category will receive two crowns, the 2nd best will receive one, and all the rest will be left in the cold with no crowns to warm their heads. There are six Bonus Crown categories, but no spoilers on what they might be; you’ll need to figure that out on your own during the event!

These Bonus Crowns can swing the results in wild ways, so don’t think it’s over until it’s over!


We expect MCC Party to be chaotic, unpredictable and, most of all, fun as we celebrate our 4th birthday! We hope you’ll all be there to join us on the 11th of November at 8pm GMT!
wish i would play on the island, but I can't cause don't have a computer. 😢 enjoy your time, boys and girls. 😁

wish i would play on the island, but I can't cause don't have a computer. 😢 enjoy your time, boys and girls. 😁
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