Halloween 2023 - A Curse descends on MCC Island!


Darkness descends as an ill wind blows through the palm trees. Something is coming to MCC Island… or is it returning?

It's the spookiest time of the year, and the citizens of MCC Island have pulled out all the stops to make this year’s MCC Island Halloween Event the creepiest, crawliest event ever!

The Island is awash with scary decorations, spooky apparitions and bone-chilling costumes that will strike terror into the heart of any unsuspecting visitor. But that’s not all. Inspired by their intergalactic visitors over summer, the Islanders have really upped the ante with their tricks and treats!

Let's see what they’ve got in store!​

Haunted Hub Hunt 🕸️


Spooky Stashes 📦

Trick or Treat is fun, but who wants to stand around the Island all day waiting for people to come along? So, the Islanders have developed a new game to play.

Every day during the Halloween event, they’ve hidden 15 Spooky Stashes around MCC Island. They could be anywhere, on top of the lighthouse, by the Blue Bats Cave, on the Yellow Creatures’ island, who knows! All you need to do is find them, and you’ll get a load of tasty treats!


What treats, you ask? Why Candy, of course… and maybe a few haunted Spirits.

Each Stash can be claimed once per day and will reward you with a random selection of Candy and Spirits. What for? Well, for the Halloween Shop! (More on that in a mo.)

It's not just Candy and Spirits you’ll be collecting, you’ll also be earning towards the Spooky Huntsmaster badge, the more Stashes you find, the higher tier your badge will be, and the more Legacy Trophies you receive!

The locations of the stashes change daily, so check the Island toe to toe for that sweet, sweet candy. Happy hunting!

Spooky Chest 🎁

Really looking for a challenge? Then look out for the spookiest of all the stashes, The Spooky Chests!

It’s rumoured that these chests once belonged to a terrible pirate captain who tried to attack MCC Island in the long distant past. No one knows what became of him, but his ship is seen haunting the ocean, deathly wails emanating from its hull begging for gold.


Scary stuff, but what’s inside those cursed chests is far from terrifying; opening up a Spooky Chest will shower you with Ghostly or Ancient Spirits… and Candy!

Don’t know what's scarier, the tormented spirits of the damned or the dentist bill!

You can find one of these chests hiding somewhere on the Island each day, waiting to be discovered by its next cursed master… or you can pick them up at the Halloween shop or as part of the Spooky Chest Meter. Far easier than traipsing around the island all day.

Halloween Shop 🎃

I mentioned a Halloween Shop a little while ago, and I’d hate to leave you in suspense, so let's talk about it!

All the Candy you find can be handed over to Hayseed, the friendly Scarecrow, in exchange for an array of useful consumable items, including Crate Tokens, Material Crates, and Treasure Chests!
Halloween Shop Split.png

This shop also contains ten exclusive Halloween Cosmetics, which can each be purchased using all those Ghostly Spirits. Seems odd to exchange the spirits of the dead for cool Cosmetics, but if Link can do it, so can we!

These spooky cosmetics will also rise from the dead and appear in the Legacy Machine once the event is over.

The Cursed Oni 😈

Also visiting the Island this year is the Cursed Oni! You can find him right by the Island's spawn as well. He’s on the hunt for Ancient Spirits, an incredibly hard-to-find version of Ghostly Spirits!

These special spirits can occasionally be found by looting Spooky Stashes or opening Spooky Chests. But they are quite shy, so they’re pretty hard to find!

If you want to cut to the chase and find those Ancient Spirits now, you can fuse together the more outgoing Ghostly Spirits you’ve collected into one Ancient Spirit through the Oni’s Spirit Synthesis power, which is also available at his shop. Cause that’s how ageing works, right?


However you find them, it will all be worth it in the end, as The Oni is willing to trade you his exclusive set of spooky Mythic Cosmetics in exchange for those Ancient Spirits.

But, don’t think you can just wait around until after the event is over to grab these cosmetics like the ones in the Halloween Shop.

The Oni is a selfish soul and isn’t about to let us put these cosmetics in the Legacy Machine at the end of the event. He’s just going to bring them back next year, so he can keep getting hold of those elusive Ancient Spirits… Pretty good business sense for a demonic creature of lore.

Since they won’t be able to be obtained until next year once the event concludes, these cosmetics will be worth Legacy Trophies instead of normal ones.

Halloween Quest Board and Spooky Chest Meter ☠️

Want even more candy to spend at the Halloween Shop? Why not take on our Cursed Quests?!

Don’t worry; they aren’t actually cursed… Probably. Head over to the Halloween Quest Board located near the Island’s spawn to get started.


There are five quests to complete each day, ranging from just logging into the server to finding a certain number of Spooky Stashes to taking on Game Quests.

Each Quest will reward you with either Candy, Spirits, or both!

We’ve also added a Spooky Chest Meter to the board, which is passively filled whenever you earn Faction XP either from quests or game rewards!

Like the Crate Token Meter, there’s no limit to the amount of Spooky Chests you can earn from this meter; claim as many as your heart desires… or as many as your XP will allow


However, the amount of XP required to claim this meter increases every 5 claims, so it will get progressively harder as you go along!

Halloween Maps 🕷️

As usual, MCC Island will be draped in the magical and the macabre, with all the games and the main lobby getting a Halloween makeover.

However, some new specters have come along to spice up Dynaball, TGTTOS and Battle Box, and send even more chills up your spine!

Dynaball 💣

Wickerman 🔥

‘Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man.’


The people of Summerisle have somehow turned up on MCC Island and brought their Wickerman with them. This iconic structure from the 1973 horror classic is ready to go up in flames, with or without you in it.

Cauldron 🍵

‘Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.’


Like the three witches of Macbeth, we’re bubbling up our own toils and troubles! Jump into the witches’ brew and try to survive, or fall to a wicked destiny.


Doors 🚪

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Aren who?
Aren’t you glad Doors has finally arrived on MCC Island?!


Event Fan Favourite Doors is here! Choose the right door and get to the end or be left with the door slammed in your face!

Bricks 🧱

Bricks Split.png

Do you have memories of playing with wooden blocks as a child, crafting skyscrapers and castles in your head out of those simple coloured blocks… only for your sibling to run over and smash it to pieces…?

Bricks is a lot like that.

Battle Box ⚔️

Pumpkin Patch 🎃


Who doesn’t love a little romp through the pumpkin patch, looking at the potential jack-o-lanterns all lined up, ready to be chosen?

This is a bit more than a romp…

Battle it out above and below ground to take control of a haunted pumpkin patch and become the masters of Halloween Night.

And that about wraps it up! These Halloween haunts will end on the 2nd of November, so make the most of it before they return to the Land of The Dead for another year!

See you at the Witching Hour!
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