Everything Revealed in the Midweek MC Noxite Podcast

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Sep 5, 2022
A lot of things were revealed about MCC Island when Noxite was featured as a guest in Midweek MC. I'm just going to do a quick run through as to what was revealed.
  • Noxite's 2 most exciting games to translate to MCC Island are Sands of Time and Meltdown, which are both apparently the hardest to translate.
    • Sands of Time most likely wont be a version of it where you go through a randomly generated course every single day, "It would be really cool, but I do think after a week or so, it probably gets a bit samey and meh.
  • Parkour Tag and Ace Race both had fully functioning version, but both of them weren't fun, so they were ultimately scrapped.
    • For Parkour Tag, it's difficult to figure out which players become runners and which are hunters, "It's like, it's so funny, why can't you port these games and the answer is BECAUSE OF YOU." Players will leave if they don't get what they want.
  • Ace Race's original version on MCC Island was just Ace Race, no changes to it, which is why it ultimately got scrapped.
    • "I do think if we were to put Ace Race on MCC Island, we'd seriously have to create some sort of meta systems around it."
      • "Imagine queing into Ace Race and you're just racing against these people who have learned all the short cuts and exact route that you have to take to get the minimal time possible and you're just losing everytime."
        • "It would totally have to be Time Trial related" "Like a soloable experience."

To conclude, it's highly unlikely Ace Race, Parkour Tag, or Sands of Time will be the next game. Meltdown, in my opinion, might still be, because it was the only of the four games that were mentioned that didn't really have any information spilt on it, meaning it could be in development and Noxite just didn't say anything about it so that he didn't accidently say anything.

I highly recommend listening to the podcast if you're interested in anything related to MCC.

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