Dynaball - Exploding onto MCC Island!


It’s finally here! Dynaball makes its MCC Island debut, and we’re so excited to see it go off with a bang!
Con-fuse-d about how the game is played? Let’s dive into what you can expect in this brand-new game mode!


Two teams of eight go head to head in this highly charged PVP game. Players must defend their territory, all the while attacking the enemy team with TNT and other fun gadgets to destroy their base and knock them into the void.

Both teams spawn on identical platforms across the open void. Each player has a slingshot, which they can use to launch devastation to take out the enemy base.


Earn score by knocking other players into the void with TNT and out-surviving other players, so watch your step! The last people standing take the win! 👑


You can use your slingshot to launch TNT and traps onto the enemy base and cause destruction. Here are just a few you can use against them:
  • TNT - Makes everything go BOOM! Launch TNT across to your enemy and obliterate them and their defences! If you manage to hit an opponent directly, the TNT will stick to them and multiply, sending them sky-high and dealing even more structural damage! (Don’t worry. You can’t TNT your own base or teammates)
  • Spawners - Give your enemy something else to worry about! Transform the block you hit into a mob spawner! Flood your opponent’s base with relentless Zombies, or add even more firepower with an army of Creepers, or Skeletons that shoot TNT! While they’re busy dealing with them, you’ll have the perfect opening to strike.
  • Chicken Air Strike - Look out below! Call in a Chicken to fly across to the opposing team's base and lay a row of explosives from the sky, taking out vast chunks of the opponent's base and maybe a few of them as well!

Crates 🪂

As well as weapons, Crates will drop every 10 seconds with resources to arm your fight! There are two tiers of crates!


Loot Crate - These provide you with valuable loot; think Skeleton Spawner Arrows to send an army after your foes or even Rocket Cannons!
TNT Crate - What a surprise! TNT Crates give you TNT! Two of them in fact, to fire with your slingshot!

When you break the crate, you immediately get the item in your inventory!


But it's not just explosions you have to worry about. If you want to survive, you need to keep your platform standing!

Throughout the game, you’ll be alerted to the structural integrity of your base: the lower it gets, the more in danger you are of hurtling into the void and out of the match, so you better patch those holes quickly!


Gather up blocks from exploded sections of your base or wait until the Peace Phase. In between each fiery round, you’ll have a prep phase where you’ll receive six additional blocks to help patch up your base and rebuild your defences.

Watch out as a number of maps have flammable blocks; fire spreads quickly in Dynaball, so tackle the flames fast!

Maps 🗺️

Dynaball launches with eight maps that follow three different themes:

Pirate Ships⛵


Go back to the time of pirates on the open sea and battle for supremacy in the endless void! But be careful. While there are plenty of places to hide below deck, there’s no water to stop any fires that might break out.

Castles 🏰


Siege warfare has existed since the first city walls were built, so who are we to fight tradition? Defend your tower with all your might and protect your kingdom!

Toy Room🧸


It’s the battle of the blocks, the tussle in the Toy Room! Keep your Jenga Tower or Dominos upright and stable while knocking your opponents to the ground. Careful though! Don’t slip through the gaps, or you’ll topple into time-out!

We also have a couple of extra special maps that have unique blocks to snazz up the game!

Sparkling Blocks✨


In this map, you take to the skies and spawn across mini-clouds! Amongst these fluffy white platforms, you’ll notice sparkling blocks. When destroyed, these blocks will give nearby players levitation for a short period of time.

Slime Blocks 💧


Use slime blocks to bounce right back up when you get knocked down! You get knocked down, but you get up again - ain’t nothing gonna keep you down!

Game Passes 🕹️

Dynaball also launches with 2 Game Passes:

Game Pass.png

Slapstick 🧨

We said Dynaball would go off with a bang! For all you hot heads out there, get your hands on Dynamite, Cherry bombs and even an Arm Cannon! They’ll blow your mind - literally!


Get ready for a Meltdown! (Not the game, the reactor incident) Become the wasteland wanderer with these uranium-based wonders, from Swords to Gasmasks to Boxes of Explosives! Just be careful where you put those things!

So that's Dynaball! Join the MCC Island Server now and watch the fireworks go off!
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