Dynaball - Coming Soon!

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Exploding onto the Island, it’s Dynaball - our first unique-to-Island gamemode! You won’t catch this one in MCC! 💣
Two teams go head to head in this highly charged PVP game, defending their territory and bombarding the enemy team with TNT! The last people standing take the win!

Let’s dive into what you can expect in this brand-new game mode!

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Dynaball 4.png

Both teams spawn on identical platforms across the open void. Their goal - to eliminate their opponents and survive until the very end!

Each player has a slingshot, which they can use to launch TNT, Spawners, Air Strikes and other devilish traps you can pick up from airdrops to take out the enemy.

But it's not just explosions you have to worry about.

Dynaball 5.png
Dynaball Rebuildf.png

If you want to survive, you need to keep your platform standing! In between each fiery round, you’ll have a peace phase where you can gather up blocks from the exploded sections of your base to rebuild, create defences and prevent a perilous plunge into the void.

Earn score by knocking other players into the void with TNT, and out-surviving other players, so watch your step!

Go have a blast in Dynaball - Arriving Next Week! 💣
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