Cosmetics and Customisation

It's all fun and games on MCC Island; there's so many adventures to be had, people to meet and places to explore.

But if you’re going to visit the island, why not do it in style?

Cosmetics Showcase

Customize your character and show off your best self with our expansive range of cosmetics you can wear anywhere on the Island. On the harbour, in the shopping district even in the games themselves. Where ever you are on the island, your style comes with you!

There are four types of cosmetics you can unlock on MCC Island:

Hats -
Some people don’t have a head for hats, but in MCC Island, every hat fits like a glove. Besides, who doesn’t love a good hat, especially one that's the entire Decision Dome, just sitting on your head!
Oni Hat Variants

Accessories - Just a little something to tie the whole outfit together. From spatulas to lazar swords to Wizard’s Staff - a subtle addition to make everything shine a little brighter.

Wizard Staff (Coming Soon)

Trails - Blaze the way and leave everyone in your sparkling dust. Trails create a particle path behind you when you walk, so everyone knows where you’ve been and where you’re going.


Auras - It's said that people give off a certain ‘aura’ but this time it’s literal! Auras create a particle effect around your body, highlighting your beauty and importance. Your own special little spotlight.

Both trails and auras require the Grand Champ rank and are mainly purchased from the Grand Champ exclusive "Sky Lounge".

Ice Aura (Coming Soon)

But how does one unlock these magnificent cosmetics and show them off to the world?

By playing on MCC Island of course.

You can unlock cosmetics in a variety of different ways:
  • Opening Customization Crates earnt by playing MCCI mini-games.​
  • In the Shopping District using coins earnt by playing MCCI mini-games.​
  • In the Game Token Shops in the Game Lobbies​
  • Completing Achievements, World Quests and Events (Coming Soon)​
  • As a Faction Level Reward​
To put an item on, head to your personal menu, click on the boxes in the equipment area or open up the wardrobe itself and scroll through all the items you’ve unlocked. Once you’ve found the perfect item you want to wear, left-click on it and on it goes!

Wasn’t quite what you were looking for? You can take it right back off by left-clicking on it again in your wardrobe. This can also be done by shift-clicking the item in your personal menu.

Cosmetics in Wardrobe

Now that's all well and good, but it wouldn’t be MCC Island if we didn’t make things a little bit extra. So we’ve found a way for you to customize your cosmetics!

That’s right! You can customize your customizable cosmetics so they’re customized to you!

Want that ribbon on your sunhat to be purple? By all means.​
Want your chicken head to be robotic or golden? Go for it.​
Want your aura to be pulsing rainbow rings rather than just plain blue? Your wish is our command!​

All through the power of Chroma Packs and Item Variants!

MCC Island has two ways to add variation to your cosmetics:

Chroma Packs - These allow you to change the colour of any applicable cosmetic to the exact colour and shade you want. There are 4 types of Chroma packs: Thermal, Verdant, Oceanic, and Regal, which affect different colour gradients. Unlocking any of the 4 Chroma packs also unlocks a greyscale palette for those who prefer things a little darker.

Item Variants - These allow you to change one specific cosmetic's particles, model or design into something different, ranging in rarity.

Cosmetics Variants
Cosmetic Variants

All variants are unlocked using Blueprints, incomplete versions of the Cosmetic Variant that needs to be rebuilt to unlock their full potential.

But where do you find these Blueprints and the components you need to rebuild them? While they can be purchased from a vendor or given as a quest or faction rewards, the most common place to find Blueprints is inside Customization Kits and Crates.

Customization Kits and Crates are the most essential items in MCC Island if you’re hunting for those sweet cosmetics.

These can be obtained by:
  • Playing the MCC Island Mini-games​
  • Quest, Faction or Level-up rewards​
  • Purchased from the Rotating Token Shop in the Game Lobbies​
  • Purchased from Posé using the Island's premium currency​
Hidden inside these kits and crates you can find:
  • Cosmetic Tokens​
  • Chroma Blueprints​
  • Variant Blueprints​
  • Kit Keys and Shards​
  • Currency Pouches​
  • Blueprint Components​
And so much more! It’s your one-stop shop for everything you need on MCC Island!

Customization Kits and Crates come in 3 tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Golden, affecting the rarity of items that can be obtained by opening them. Some of these higher rarity kits are locked and will require you to complete a quest or obtain a Kit Key to open them and claim the goodies inside.

Kit Unlock

But back to Blueprints.

Once you’ve found an incomplete Blueprint, a certain amount of components are needed to rebuild the Variant. These components are found in Customization Kits and Crates or, occasionally, given out as prizes for doing well in the Island’s mini-games. components come in 5 rarity tiers, from common to legendary. The rarer the variant, the rarer the components you’ll need to reconstruct it.

Once you’ve collected all the components you need to unlock your desired Blueprint, take everything to The Cosmetic Crafter in Posé and open the Blueprint Assembler. Pop your Blueprint and all the necessary components (as well as a few coins for the service) in the queue and, after a bit of time and a little patience, head back to The Cosmetic Crafter to collect your completed Variant!

There are Customization Thingamajigs that can speed up the process if needs be, but waiting never hurt anybody… or maybe it does…best not to risk it.

Crafting Station
Crafting Station

After all that gathering, waiting, and hard work, you’ll finally be able to customize that beautiful sunhat into something more your style! To do so, head into the wardrobe and right click on the item you want to customize. From there, you can choose an unlocked Variant in the Variant tab or change the colour depending on the Chroma Pack you’ve unlocked in the Chroma tab.

Faction Variants

Faction-specific cosmetics are unlocked as you level up your loyalty with your chosen team, and can’t be coloured or varied using the Chroma Packs or Item Variants. Instead, you can change which team that item represents in the variants menu, provided you’ve unlocked the item in that team’s Loyalty Road.

Cosmetic Hats

Last but not least, you may even find some hidden vendors around the island each with their own unique cosmetics for sale.

And that’s the cosmetic system for MCC Island! We'll be adding a tonne of new features to the cosmetics system in the future, including ways to scavenge off unwanted cosmetics and duplicates.

Now go blow everyone out of the water with your suave and sophisticated style… not literally of course; we’re in the middle of the ocean, things might get a little messy.
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