Achievements Update - First Badges Rollout!

Badges Update

Last year, we announced that the Achievement system for MCC Island would be getting an overhaul and be replaced with a new system to show off your achievements AND track your stats so you can compare them with other players.

Well, we’ve taken our first step to achieve that overhaul.

The initial stage of the Badges rollout is here - no, you haven’t just joined the Scouts; Badges are your way to track progress across the server and show off your accomplishments!

How to access your Badges 🗺️
Badges Personal Menu
Incomplete HITW Badge

To check out your badges, open up your Personal Menu and click the shiny new Badges tab. You can switch tabs for each game by selecting the game's icon in the menu. From there, you can hover over each badge to see its requirements.

Earning Badges 🏅
Badges Menu

Badges are earnt when you meet certain criteria in any MCC Island activity, such as in our Island mini-games. From how many walls you cleared in Hole in the Wall to how many times you were the last person standing in Sky Battle, there’s a bunch of ways to earn yourself a shiny new badge!

We’re hoping to expand Badges to all aspects of the Island as the system develops (hats anyone) so there’ll be plenty more badges to claim across even more categories in the near future!

Levelling up Badges 🌟

For those of you who like to go the extra mile - you can level up your badges! Each badge will have various stages, each Stage requiring more to complete than the last! For example, Stage One may require you to play 20 games of Battle Box, Stage 2 requires you to play 50 games!

You’ll see two progress bars. One shows the progress you’ve made in your current level and how long you’ve got to go until you reach the Badge’s next stage - so you know just how far you’ve got to go until that next unlock!

The second progress bar is linked to our new Trophies system!

Champion Score and Trophies 🏆
Players with Trophies Score

Champion Score is being unfrozen, reset and renamed, becoming Trophies instead!

Trophies are a tally of how well you’re doing on MCC Island. The more Trophies you have, the more accomplished you are at the games and features of the island.

Badges will award you a certain amount of Trophies depending on its requirements; the more complex the task, the more Trophies the associated badge rewards.

You can keep track of how many trophies you have earnt for each badge by hovering over that badge in the menu!

Stage Trophies are the amount of Trophies you’ll receive for levelling up your Badge to that next stage. Total Trophies are exactly what it says on the tin, the total amount of trophies you’ve earned via that particular badge with a progress bar showing how many trophies you have left to earn.

While we’re in beta, Stage Trophies are set at five trophies per stage, with the 5th stage rewarding 10, but this will change as we balance the system, meaning you’ll receive more trophies as you go through the stages.

Badge changes in Open Beta ☀️
Once we’re in Open Beta, you may find that the amount of Trophies each badge rewards is different! Additionally, the requirements to achieve a badge will be higher - we’ve made them slightly lower for this current release, so you lot could nab some badges before the progression wipe when Closed Beta ends and we can work out how best to balance the system.

What’s next? ➡️
This is just the first part of our Badges rollout; we’ve got loads of exciting features and additions to this system waiting in the wings as we get closer and closer to Open Beta!

From an expanded Badge Display so you can show off your skills to other players, to an exciting new reward path where you can earn tasty loot for achieving and upgrading badges - there’s so much more to come!

Oh - one final note!

MCC Island Moderator Applications are now open, and on the forums! The application page will remain open indefinitely, so don't worry about applying straight away. Read more about it here.
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