0.11.0 - Patch Notes


Check out the Main Changes!

With the rollout of Season 2: Neon Galaxy, we've also made some pretty massive changes across the entirety of the Island. The most important bits are all gone over in depth in each of the below linked articles, but for everything else, you can read about it here in the patch notes!

Treasure Chests & Keys

  • Massive rebalancing of all treasure chests contents to accommodate the economy changes.
  • Slightly buffed all treasure chests, especially mega.
  • Restructure of treasure chest loot tables to hopefully make their contents feel less RNG and more consistent in value.
  • Introducing Bronze Treasure Keys, now craftable and obtainable. They can be traded for Bronze Treasure Chests at the Treasure Hoard.
  • The Treasure Hoard now trades keys to chests at a 3:1 rate, previously was 5:1.
  • Keys have had their values adjusted everywhere to accommodate this change, but your existing keys are unaffected and are just worth more now.
  • This change was made to increase the value of individual keys to improve the experience of collecting/crafting them, and was needed to introduce bronze keys because of their low value.

Fusion Forging Changes

  • You can now choose to skip the remaining time on a fusion forge using gems! This has also been added for blueprint crafting.
  • Removed all Crate Tuner and Tuner Shard recipes.
  • Added a recipe for the new Legacy Crate Key.
  • Added a recipe for the new Bronze Treasure Key.
  • Rebalanced Silver, Golden, and Mega Treasure Key recipes based on their value increase.
  • Reworked the Mastery Key recipe, swapping out Mastery Key Shards which no longer exist. Mastery Gate coming very soon, this recipe will be useful then lol.
  • Changed the recipe for Uncommon Key Shards to no longer require binding gel, and now instead only require 3x Common Key Shards.
  • Added a recipe for the new Material Singularity. I wonder what it’s for…


  • Adjusted several of the rewards for scavenging to make them more balanced.
  • Added scavenges for all legacy items so they can be converted into new items.
  • Added a click function to scavenge “half” of a stack when scavenging stackable items. If you have a stack of for example 16 and use this function, it will scavenge 8.
  • Changed the scavenging summary menu to display items of the same type stacked.

Shops Rebalance

  • Removed all now legacy items (such as Crate Tuners) from all shops.
  • The General Store and Knick Knax were overhauled to have a more consistent inventory of things that feel worth it to buy, and should feel more useful now.
  • Questing Co. has had the new versions of Material and Crate Token scrolls added to it, and received a general rebalancing of its contents.
  • The Spirit Shop has had a substantial overhaul of its contents, with the legacy items removed and new items added to replace them.
  • Premium Trading was removed, as most of the items in it no longer exist or are obtainable in other ways (such as crate pulls being able to be performed for gems directly)

Currency Pouches Adjustment

Due to the introduction of the Currency Pouch Meter, pouches have been rebalanced to better suit the new economy. You’ll be earning many more pouches from your play now, so they’ve been adjusted to give less gems, but you’ll still be getting much more gems than before overall.
  • Increased the amount of coins medium, large, and overflowing currency pouches give.
  • Increased the chance of getting gems from currency pouches, and decreased the amount of gems currency pouches give.

Quests Rebalance

Many quest changes roll out with this patch! Any quests you currently have active, either as daily quests or scrolls, will be unaffected by these changes. You can reroll them to fix this.
  • Daily Quests now also give Quest Spirit when completed.
  • Quest Scrolls have had the amount of Quest Spirit they give increased by about 30-50% depending on the scroll.
  • Material Quest Scrolls now give Material Dust when completed, and have had their required tasks reduced from 2 → 1
  • Token Quest Scrolls now come in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants, each giving respectively a Standard, Boosted, and Ultimate Crate Token.
  • Changed legendary quests to have a much higher chance of choosing more skill-based tasks rather than time-based tasks. Removed many time-based tasks from the legendary pool.
  • Decreased the required completions of most HITW quests slightly, and "Survive 2m" significantly.
  • Decreased the required completions of most Sky Battle quests slightly.
  • Decreased the required completions of most PKW Survivor quests slightly, and "Complete X Obstacles" significantly.
  • Increased the required completions of most PKW Dojo quests slightly.
  • Decreased the required completions of "Eliminate players with a ranged weapon in games of Battle Box" slightly.

Game XP Adjustments

Slight XP reductions to make all games give a more equal amount of XP for their time.
Battle Box
  • 1st Place: 80 > 70
  • 2nd Place: 60 > 50
  • 3rd Place: 40 > 35
  • 4th Place: 30 > 25
  • Player Kill: 4 > 3
PKW Solo
  • Base Expert Completions: 75 > 50
  • First time completion bonuses have been reduced to allow their XP to work with the new meters system, as they were previously too high to be balanced.
  • Now, a first time completion bonus is worth 4-5x what the base completion is worth.
  • However, you now also get the base completion XP in addition to the first time bonus.

Unobtainable Cosmetic Fixes

  • Splinters Blueprint Shop now sells "Sun Visor (White)" instead of the duplicate version that is also available from a hidden vendor. (You can go claim this again, it reset)
    • The duplicate sun visor cosmetic token is now scavengable.
    • All blueprints from the splinters blueprint shop are no longer scavengable.
  • Samantha's Snax hidden vendor now contains the two missing donut cosmetics from the deleted donut shop. (RIP Karen)
  • Fixed the "Oni Mask (Sage)" hat showing as an obtainable cosmetic when it doesn't exist yet.
  • Disabled the mythic cosmetics that sneakily poked their heads up a little too early.

General Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the “Slimy Experiments Mastery Challenge” that required 150 1st placements in HITW, is now 75 like the other pass. I guess you’re extra cool if you already got it anyways?
  • The navigator can now be used in Parkour Warrior solo courses. You can now more easily switch courses or even remotely queue into games. You can be in queue while playing Parkour Warrior solo courses.
    • You now also receive the Leave Queue button.
  • We’ve made some changes to the backend of our GUIs. The social menu has been updated to follow the same style as the other menus and menus should generally flicker less when updating.
  • The friends menu now shows whether others are available to invite to a party.
  • The friends only activity status should now function properly again.
  • Quickplay is functional again and can now also queue into Parkour Warrior: Survivor.
  • All lobby worlds now have consistent coordinates. You can now note down where you found a hidden vendor and it’ll stay the same in the future!
  • Added a /spawn command that you can use in lobbies to take you straight back to the spawn if you get stuck in a bush or fall into the ocean.
I genuinely love all of these changes so much but please tell me this specific one is a typo
I thought it was a great change, I normally finish PKW quests FAR quicker than other ones. But ah well, just opinions, at least we can all agree this was an absolutely awesome update and the Noxcrew are great as usual
I thought it was a great change, I normally finish PKW quests FAR quicker than other ones. But ah well, just opinions, at least we can all agree this was an absolutely awesome update and the Noxcrew are great as usual
PKW Dojo quests are just generally anti-fun for a lot of people since they are super repetitive (especially without daily courses now), so them taking even longer will probably feel bad, especially those with previous requirements like 18 standard completions.
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