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  1. Reiny

    The forums get Dark Mode!

    Thanks Noxite, now my eyes will survive
  2. Reiny

    Daily frog facts

    🐸couldn't live without frog facts to make my day! Thank you Mini
  3. Reiny

    0.3.0 Game Update - New HITW and Sky Battle Maps!

    I tested out the new map and won twice. Such a cool map! Looking forward for more cool updates 👍
  4. Reiny

    How admission tickets work

    I only see "why im not in yet? Help" type of recent threads. Getting out of hand. Thanks for making this!!!
  5. Reiny

    0.2.1 - Patch Notes

    Lets go more xp
  6. Reiny

    Does anyone actually enjoy RLGL?

    I already mentioned this in another thread discussing the punching problem. A good solution could be a weapon that does no damage, you can use it with a cooldown to punch people once every few seconds (punch only one person). This would mean that less people can get punched. For RLGR, i also got...
  7. Reiny

    TGTTOS Frustrations.

    Maybe punching could stay but with a given cooldown for each punch. Lets say 2 seconds... I agree red light, green light now is a mess with all the punching, in [siege] map especially.
  8. Reiny

    MCC Island Closed Beta has begun!

    Either you can buy a bun dle or sign up and white (wait)
  9. Reiny

    What faction are you all on?

    Currently aqua axolotls
  10. Reiny

    0.1.1 - Patch notes

    Just one sky battle change, but now you will really have to look out for enemy creepers.
  11. Reiny

    Daily frog facts

  12. Reiny


    achievements such as win milestones are a good idea, I agree. Also still waiting for my ticket
  13. Reiny

    Who got in?

    Me waiting to get in knowing well that my luck wont be on my side. (Hopefully... i do get in)
  14. Reiny

    Will there be an mcc island leaderboard?

    I will grind it so much when beta ends
  15. Reiny

    Dark Horse - MCC24

    Pink pensioners Philza, PantsVenom, PaptainParklez and PinTheLittleP will still find a way
  16. Reiny

    Kill title & sound effect like in mcc?

    The kill sound is satisfying to hear so i really hope we can get that
  17. Reiny

    Note Block Cover for Sky Battle!

    Banger after banger!
  18. Reiny

    What do you think the Build Mart Remix could be?

    Build Mart but you make a build that other team has to copy after a minute could be fun
  19. Reiny

    TGTTOS and HITW won't be team games

    When I will be in party it is fun to see your teammates in hitw and tgttos, but if its a solo queuing with random people then yeah it doesn't change much as it is solo individual scores. But as noxcrew said about adding solo and duos, there is more to expect for future.
  20. Reiny

    I need to mark my claim

    I will as well put then my name here, Reiny2RG