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  1. DigitalDip

    Rerolling the same item

    Hello! I think it should be that if you pull a cosmetic, you should not be able to obtain that cosmetic again. It clogs up the inventory as there is no way to get rid of the extra one. Thank you, bye! o/
  2. DigitalDip

    Sky Battle Stuff!!

    If you go on the main mcc island page, there is a video playing a full trailer (without audio) of MCCI! Here it is if you want to watch it! In the video, it shows Sky Battle footage, including a new map (FIRST IMAGE), and Candyland! Interestingly enough, you can see scaffolding, colored wood...
  3. DigitalDip

    Who's hyped?!

    I am SO excited for this. I can't wait to play on the server and see all the cool content creators will make on the server!? What is something people are most looking forward to?