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  1. SimplyUnknown

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy Fourth of July!
  2. SimplyUnknown

    100th hitw thread

    About 7, yep about 7 times and the darn slime head is the best cosmetic there is and the one I want most badly.
  3. SimplyUnknown

    Do you like the new Battlepass system?

    I love it, it’s straight forward, good for rewards and is definitely something that makes me want to come back everyday and keep grind away at.
  4. SimplyUnknown

    Suggestion about battle pass

    Agree, maybe the icon that is used for it in the main lobby can come out with the quest book at the end of every game just like the quest book.
  5. SimplyUnknown

    New Badges

    I really like the HITW ones but in no way should we encourage more pvp in tgttos, I already die enough.
  6. SimplyUnknown

    Add Quest Spirits as a reward to Faction Quest Scrolls

    I don’t know, isn’t that what makes those quest rolls ‘special’ in a way. I mean for the faction ones they give cosmetics which clearly sets them different from the rest
  7. SimplyUnknown

    HITW Player invisibility

    Yeah I just see it as another challenge or obstacle to get through when you are playing.
  8. SimplyUnknown

    Dual walls - New wall type concept (i was bored)

    Yes absolutely, I don’t know how you would do it but maybe also doing it from a side next to a side, for example, north and east, it would need to be specially place but something like that and this would be cool.
  9. SimplyUnknown

    Queueing slots in the forge

    Hmmm… would that take up a slot though? Then this system would just be to make sure you don’t accidentally use that resource when making something else?
  10. SimplyUnknown

    Make Quest Reroll Tokens Scrapable

    Is it bad having a lot of them though, that way you can work through them eventually if you are grinding for a level or something?
  11. SimplyUnknown

    What feature/change do you want to see on MCC Island?

    I don’t know how possible it is but bringing the amazing light show from the event some way into the server such as a daily show or something, (and of course Ace Race)
  12. SimplyUnknown

    Prices cheaper for my friend on the store compared to me

    I didn’t get charged tax in any of my online purchases, I thought we didn’t have a digital tax in the US.
  13. SimplyUnknown

    0.8.5 - Patch Notes

    It appears if you have Noxesium installed the items have become to static, my scoreboard on the side is now frozen, my hotbar with all the items is stuck and will not change even when in games.
  14. SimplyUnknown

    everything i hate about this server

    LOL, on a side note... How on earth do you play with your GUI scale so big? I mean it's like GUI with the game as a background.
  15. SimplyUnknown

    My Problems with MCCIsland

    Overall we all must understand that Cosmetics are not something that we are owed or that is something that we can guarantee to get, games like Fortnite and others don't give any to you for free, so expecting that you get something from a free-to-play game is just flawed. (Also think of other...
  16. SimplyUnknown

    The karma system doesn’t stop trolling

    +1 Completely agree, even after it’s implementation I have not seen or felt any difference, your still getting picked on by players. I don’t know if the Karma system could be turned up so that it is more punishing to the player, or by making it so that after a certain amount of punches you get...
  17. SimplyUnknown

    HITW Daily LB World Record

    Wow! Great job, how many hours did that take?
  18. SimplyUnknown

    Hidden Badge #2

    Completely agree. On a side note, that is completely legendary in my eyes, don't even think I can get one.
  19. SimplyUnknown

    My Problems with MCCIsland

    Hmmm... much of which I thought when initially reading this has been said by others, but I will try to convey it as quickly and precisely as possible. To start I am going to be completely transparent: I have paid the $69 for Grand Champ Royal, (I also bought the champ rank on two other accounts...