Survival Games Rules

Survival Games

It’s the classic! Last team standing wins! All players are let free to roam the map, trying to become more powerful through finding equipment hidden in buildings, all while the map borders converge into the centre, forcing you to fight for survival.
In this version, players have infinite levels, allowing them to enchant their equipment to further levels of power. Look out for occasional chests containing powerful equipment and airdrops filled with coins!


Coins are awarded from opening airdrop crates, surviving and eliminating other players.
  • 180 coins from breaking open an airdrop crate, shared amongst the team.
  • 3 coins every time another player is eliminated and you're still alive.
  • 65 coins for personal eliminations.
Teams are also given a placement based on how long their team survived, with coins being shared amongst the team.
  • 1st: 650 coins
  • 2nd: 600 coins
  • 3rd: 560 coins
  • 4th: 520 coins
  • 5th: 480 coins
  • 6th: 450 coins
  • 7th: 420 coins
  • 8th: 390 coins
  • 9th: 360 coins
  • 10th: 330 coins