Rocket Spleef Rush Rules

Rocket Spleef Rush

The aim of Rocket Spleef Rush is to stay alive for as long as possible. Fight to be the last player standing on floating platforms while barraging other players with rockets that destroy the blocks below. As the platforms crumble new ones will spawn in!
All players are armed with elytras and rocket launchers, as well as a single Updraft which can be used to escape a sticky situation.


Coins are awarded for out-surviving players, as well as personal eliminations.
  • Out-surviving another player: 2 coins
  • Eliminating another player (being the last person to hit them before they're eliminated): 30 coins
Players recieve an additional bonus based on their placement.
  • 1st: 150 coins
  • 2nd: 125 coins
  • 3rd: 110 coins
  • 4th: 100 coins
  • 5th: 90 coins
  • 6th: 85 coins
  • 7th: 80 coins
  • 8th: 75 coins
  • 9th: 70 coins
  • 10th: 65 coins
If multiple players survive to the end of the round, the remaining placements are awarded based on height, with higher players placing higher.