Railroad Rush Rules

Railroad Rush

A teamwork-based puzzle game, where teams must work together to create the longest rail-road.
To earn dough for their shiny new railway, players face off in the Gold Rush, where they have a single minute in a dangerous cavern to fill their pockets with Gold Ore.
If that wasn't enough, players would have to manage a constant stream of unstable explosive minecarts, crumbling terrain, brain-teasing puzzles, and some long-lost miners out for revenge.


Teams earn 2 coins per block their rail travels forward down the track. No points for sending it around in loops! Teams also earn coins based on how long their track is compared to the other teams - a single rail could mean a world of difference.
  • 1st: 650 coins
  • 2nd: 525 coins
  • 3rd: 475 coins
  • 4th: 425 coins
  • 5th: 350 coins
  • 6th: 300 coins
  • 7th: 250 coins
  • 8th: 200 coins
  • 9th: 175 coins
  • 10th: 150 coins

Bonus Coins

Players can find emeralds along the track in hidden vaults, which will earn them some bonus coins. Completing a checkpoint will also reward teams with a tidy amount of coins!
  • Reach a checkpoint: 100 coins
  • Mine an Emerald: 25 coins