Parkour Warrior Rules

Parkour Warrior

Parkour Warrior puts jumping skills to the test! Traverse the course and collect medals from obstacles before choosing your final branch and getting a sweet multiplier for your team.
As players make their way down the easy main branch, they’ll be able to challenge themselves to earn more coins in bonus sections along the way. This game rewards good time management - don’t spend too much time on bonuses, as finishing will give your whole team a boost!


Coins are awarded based on the amount of each type of medal collected, and multiplied by the multiplier earned by the team overall.


  • Stone Medals (Main Branch): 2 coins per medal
Completing obstacles on bonus paths grants metal medals. The first obstacle on each bonus path grants a bronze medal, the second a silver, and the final a gold, regardless of their difficulty.
Metal medals award coins based on the amount of each type collected.
  • Total Bronze Medals
    • 1 Bronze Medal: 5 coins
    • 2 Bronze Medals: 15 coins
    • 3 Bronze Medals: 25 coins
    • 4 Bronze Medals: 40 coins
    • 5 Bronze Medals: 60 coins
  • Total Silver Medals
    • 1 Silver Medal: 10 coins
    • 2 Silver Medals: 25 coins
    • 3 Silver Medals: 45 coins
    • 4 Silver Medals: 70 coins
    • 5 Silver Medals: 100 coins
  • Total Gold Medals
    • 1 Gold Medal: 15 coins
    • 2 Gold Medals: 30 coins
    • 3 Gold Medals: 55 coins
    • 4 Gold Medals: 90 coins
    • 5 Gold Medals: 140 coins


Completing the course increases your team's multiplier, based on the difficulty of the ending you completed.
  • Easy Ending: +0.15x
  • Medium Ending: +0.35x
  • Hard Ending: +0.8x