Parkour Tag Rules

Parkour Tag

Parkour Tag is a real test of skill! Not only do your focus and reaction times matter, you also need speed and spatial awareness to keep from getting tagged by your opponent!
Teams go head to head, with one player on each team trying to catch their opponents as the Hunter. These maps are tricky! You’ll need to keep moving In order to put space between you and the Hunter… Let them get too close and you’ll be out!


Hunters get coins for each player they tag, and the hunted get coins for staying alive.


  • Every 10 seconds survived: 2 coins
  • Surviving a whole round: 60 coins, shared amongst runners on the team.


  • Tagging a runner: 6 coins, decreasing by 1 coin every 10 seconds.
  • Tagging all runners: 42 coins, decreasing by 7 coins every 10 seconds.
An additional bonus is awarded if your team's hunt is faster then your enemies.
  • Tagging all runners before the opposing team: 120 coins, shared amongst the team.