Meltdown Rules


Meltdown is a frantic, 3 round Battle Royale where players must traverse a melting lab to rescue crates filled with coins.
Armed with bows, players can freeze enemies with just one shot and use heaters to thaw out their fallen teammates. Players must keep moving, following their trusty map towards the centre of the facility.


Coins are awarded from collecting coin crates, placements, and final freezes.
  • 10 coins for collecting a crate (shared amongst the team, with 18 crates at each capture point)
  • 25 coins for freezing a player, taken away if they thraw out
Teams are given a placement at the end of each round depending on how long their team survived, with the coins being shared amongst the team.
  • 1st: 210 coins
  • 2nd: 190 coins
  • 3rd: 170 coins
  • 4th: 150 coins
  • 5th: 125 coins
  • 6th: 100 coins
  • 7th: 80 coins
  • 8th: 60 coins
  • 9th: 45 coins
  • 10th: 30 coins