Ace Race Rules

Ace Race

Ace Race is a three lap race around a big track full of shortcuts and pitfalls. Sprint, jump, and fly as fast as you can, and avoid obstacles to get the fastest time possible!
Boost launchers line the track to send you gliding across the course, while vast pools allow you to riptide your way to victory!


Coins are paid out after completing all 3 laps.
The first player to finish recieves 400 coins. Subsequent completions decrease by 10 coins each time.
Players also recieve a bonus based on their final placement:
  • 1st: 300 coins
  • 2nd: 240 coins
  • 3rd: 180 coins
  • 4th-9th: 120 coins
  • 10th-14th: 60 coins
  • 15th-19th: 15 coins
No coins are awarded if you don't finish the race.