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MCC Winter Celebration - Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Brrr, it’s getting chilly out there! Winter is here to stay… and so is our Winter Event!

Winter Thumbnail.png

Forget the cold; let the holiday spirit warm you up as the festive magic descends onto MCC Island!

☃ The Hub gets a winter makeover!
🗓️ The Winter Calendar - with a twist!
✨ Holiday maps for TGTTOS, HITW, Dynaball and Battle Box
🪩 The Jingle Jam begins!
🧩 Changes to the HITW Resource Pack!

Let's see what Winter has in store!

It’s Winter in the Hub! ☃️


The Winter Event is back, and the hub is alight with holiday cheer! Our Winter Wonderland has snowmen, candy canes, snowflakes, and even a huge holiday tree with oodles of presents, all waiting to be unwrapped! Speaking of presents…

The Winter Calendar is back - with a twist! 🗓️

This year, the Calendar is giving out awesome festive quests every day in December until the 24th! Finish these quests, and you'll snag some exciting rewards. Keep going, and you’ll even unlock some cosy winter cosmetics!


Some of the quests might need you to finish an earlier one. But don't worry! You can do any quest anytime until the event ends, so no need to stress about missing out on the fun!

You have until January 4th to complete all the quests before the Winter Event finishes!

TGTTOS, HITW, Dynaball and Battle Box get some festive flair! ✨

The Holidays are the time for glitz and glamour, so we’ve sprinkled a little festive sparkle over Hole in the Wall, TGTTOS, Dynaball and Battle Box!

Hole In The Wall 🧩

Winter Beach 🏖️


Even Santa needs a holiday. Hit the beach and bask in the winter sunshine…. not that I’d want to go sunbathing with walls of slime hurtling towards me!

Battle Box ⚔️

Winter Spa 💦


It’s a tradition in Nordic countries to sit in a warm sauna then dive into the frozen waters to refresh and rejuvenate the body… We find fighting three teams back to back does the same job pretty well.

Santa’s Slay 🎅


The classic returns - Dive into Santa’s garage and fight for the right to help him deliver presents!

Can’t help but think this map would be better if there was a typo in the title…

Dynaball 💣

Sled 🛷


Dashing through the snow
TnT all in my way
Blocks all burning bright
Blowing up the other sleigh!

Presents 🎁

Present Article.png

The Holidays are a time for giving, and what better gift can you give than a TnT block to the head? … I mean, yeah, you could give them chocolates, but this makes a much bigger statement!


Santa's Train and Polar Passing 🚂


You know ‘em; you love ‘em - the MCC Event classics are back!

Rush over, under and through Santa’s train and help him deliver presents to all the good kids and lumps of coal to those who’ve been very naughty… like people who punch at the end of courses. All the coal for them!

Jingle Jam 2023!🪩

Jingle Jam.png

We’re Jingle jamming!

The Yogscast's annual Jingle Jam Event is upon us! Help support some amazing charities and get your hands on some awesome MCC Island goodies!

HITW Resource Changes! 🧩
Hole in the Wall now uses the regular resource pack instead of having a separate one!


  • This removes the loading screen before joining a HITW game
  • Slime is now green again and iron trapdoors are (intentionally) not slime-colored.

Take the Holiday Spirit to heart! For soon, a new season will take hold of MCC Island…

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i think that tnt needs any sort of buff to how quick it explodes.it almost never viable to use in any scenario,say you trap someone in webs they can just break the web to get out before the tnt explodes.it will never work on a flank because it makes a noise when placed and then takes too long to actually explode.another good way to fix this is to replaced tnt with creeper eggs
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Jingle Jam 2023!

For the holidays this year, Noxcrew is participating in the Jingle Jam Charity Drive!

Jingle Jam brings together content creators, game developers, and gamers to raise millions of pounds for charity in the biggest event of the year! 💰

If you donate at least £35, you’ll get access to the Jingle Jam Games Collection worth over £1,100! This will include the MCC Island Jingle Jam Rewards pack! When entered on the server, this code will grant a Mastery Key, 150 gems, and loads of cosmetic and material crates. 💎 Full details can be found below.

JingleJam Screenshot Mockup (1).png

Jingle Jam runs from December 1st-14th. You can keep up to date with all latest updates in the Jingle Jam Discord. Join here: discord.gg/zT4zmzpt.

For more information, check out Jingle Jam’s website.

Product Title:
MCC Island (Minecraft Java Edition): Jingle Jam Rewards pack!
Description of Product:
MCC Island is a free-to-play Minecraft: Java Edition server with games from MC Championship. The Jingle Jam Rewards pack gifts the user with a bunch of useful goodies, including a Mastery Key; giving access to one of MCC Island's most prestigious Cosmetics. Use your key, open the Mastery Gate, and find out what you get!
As well as the Mastery Key, the rewards pack also comes with:
  • 150 Gems
  • 2x Standard Crate Token
  • 1x Boosted Crate Token
  • 1x Bronze Treasure Chest
  • 3x Medium Currency Pouch
  • 2x Large Currency Pouch
  • 1x Uncommon Cosmetic Crate
  • 2x Common Material Crate
  • 1x Uncommon Material Crate
  • 2x Common Questing Crate
  • 1x Uncommon Questing Crate
Redemption instructions:
How to connect to the MCC Island server:
1. Open Minecraft: Java Edition version 1.20.2
2. Click "Multiplayer", then "Add Server".
3. Copy and paste "MCC Island" into the Server Name field.
4. Copy and paste "play.mccisland.net" into the Server Address field. Set "Server Resource Packs" to "Enabled", then click "Done".
5. You should now see a new server called “MCC Island” in your server list. Double click this to join the server.
6. Once connected to the server, walk forward and right-click the “Faction Master” NPC to choose your faction (don’t worry, you can change this later!)
How to redeem your code:
1. Log on to the MCC Island Minecraft: Java Edition server (make sure you’ve selected your faction by talking to the “Faction Master” NPC)
2. Press “T” to open chat
3. Type: /redeem YOUR_CODE_HERE

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MCC Island - Player Survey!


✍️ MCC Island Player Survey! ✍️

Hello folks! We're fast approaching the end of 2023, and the MCC Island team are busy making our release plans for next year! To assist us in our direction for MCC Island, we'd love to hear more about YOUR opinions on content you'd like to see!

It's a ~5-minute survey with plenty of room to optionally add further suggestions and ideas. We'd appreciate as much feedback as possible, even if you're someone who doesn't play MCCI, but is interested in it!

FORM LINK: https://forms.gle/jrsXabi4Q9ozVSDh6

How to move around the map faster, while taking fights

Bit of a bold statment but honestly it kinda is

its niche but ive been watching just top players in battle box and even other servers and game of similar style such as "Sg but fast"

Momentum while pvping being able to pvp while moving in the general direction you want to be going in

this is easiest with Crossbow because Crossbow hit to let you get first hit and just continue forward with a combo but can be done with good timing and positioning or just surprise

Basically you just want to combo whoever your fighting in the direction you want to go and try to avoid up in your face scraps as these will slow you down and also disorient you .This skill will allow you to move faster be hard to tag team let you keep your position less known to the enemy team just by being faster in movment by turning your pvp into a movment option. This will require good pvp skills and particually good combo skills annnnd its way less effective in high ping because of first hit part i mentioned, but can still be done as a good pvper against a majority of players.
In short ,move your opponet while fighting to let you continute to move around the map this can be done via.
  • Combos to move them
  • Taking advanatgeous fights
  • Fighting weakend enemys for quick kills

This type of pvp is often how top players win games take a fight they know they can win while moving fast enough that their next fight is surprise letting them take another advantage in the fight which lets them snowball and chain 2-3 kills together usually why you see top players start and usually win fights within less than 10-15 seconds of eachother where other players usually only take 1 fight every 20-30 seconds (Partly due to confidence and bow/utility spam form less experience players).

Countering this often involves using utility to space your opponet from you to slow them down a let your team react to the opponets position. however many forms utility stuggle at this due to the timer either being too long or too little. Splash potions are great but require the opponet to be quite close to you timied harming orbs are better but require you to have considerably more game awarness otherwise many players will run across it before it detonates, The same can be applied to timed levitation orbs however these is probably more effective that Harming if they land as it locks the opponet in place and usually forces bow usage if they want to deal damage. Blindness orbs can also work and their timer is about perfect but their AoE is notably smaller and the effect less impactful.

the other strategie is to fight as a pair not as two individuals this does require you to be with a teamate which is risky for orbs being thrown at you and also means you are reliant on the pot luck of teamates but if you are able to adapt to fight with a teamate you should be able to overpower the opponet or trade it out.

Hope this helps both learn and counter this more advanced technique

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0.14.5 - Patch Notes


For this weekend only, the Sky Battle Remix: Water Fight will be playable again! Check out our release article for information about the remix. Alongside this, we’re also launching a mega 30% off sale (on select categories) on our webstore, so go check that out too!

Sky Battle Remix: Water Fight

  • The new map Sky Battle: Sandcastle will be launching alongside Season 3, but can be previewed this weekend in the Water Fight Remix!
  • We’ve made some adjustments to the Hydroblaster:
    • Soak damage per shot has been increased from 1.0 to 1.5.
    • Fire rate has been slightly reduced to keep the time-to-eliminate the same.
    • With these changes, getting knockback from a Hydroblaster will be less oppressive.

Other changes

  • Stella's Swaps has moved to the lower area of Splinters Workshop for more convenient Material shopping.
  • The Scavenger King's Hoard has been repositioned in the Scavenger's Hideout for better discoverability.
  • Patched up a spot on the Battle Box: Villa map where you could camp up high.
  • Fixed an issue where 1.20.2 clients would lose their second skin layer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some cosmetics (such as the Paintbrush Accessory) to display slightly glitched and broken.

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Water Fight Weekend & 30% off Mega Sale!

WF Announcement.png

Forget that November rain and bring back the summer vibes on MCC Island! ⛱

This weekend only - SquidTek are back with their SkyBattle Remix: Water Fight!

Drench your enemies with your Hydroblaster and be the last one high and dry, all while racing against the ever-shrinking border.

Group 2622.png

SquidTek have done more than start a Water Fight - they’ve kicked off a massive sale over at the MCC Island Store! 🛒

From the 17th of November to the 1st of December, get 30% off Ranks, Game Passes, Cosmetics, Particles and Item Packs!

Get your hands on a treat to chase those winter blues away!

Head to the MCC Island Store


Feeling a little rusty on the rules? You can check out the Water Fight rules over in the Summer Event Article!

But this isn’t your usual Summertime Water Fight over the endless void racing against a terrifying storm that saps your strength until you’re left utterly defeated.

This Water Fight will be set in a brand new Sky Battle arena - Sandcastle! 🏰

Sandcastle Article.png
Relive those glorious summer days by the beach, the smell of sea and sunscreen in the air, building magnificent sandcastles on the shore… only to have them destroyed by a stray ball or a bored sibling.

Water Fighters will get a sneak peek at the new map before Sandcastle gets its full-time SkyBattle debut in Season Three!

Water Fight will be available on the MCC Island Server from Friday, 17th November until Monday, 20th November!

New Sky Battle Item Idea!

Recently, I took the Official Sky Battle Improvements Survey, and near the bottom of the survey, it asked if I had any ideas for potential new items. I had an idea right then, and I think it could be a game changer for sky battle if they decide to implement it. I call them bolts. Just like a spark, when you right click it, it gives you a certain effect. However, with bolts, they give your whole team the effect, no matter where they are. If your fighting a team-vs-team battle on red house, you could use the bolt to heal your whole team 2 hearts or so. This would be a super rare item, only probably in mid chests. I think that this would be super cool.

Also, they should add Timed Orbs Of Poisoning.
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Worst Map in TGTTOS?

Which map do you dislike most?

  • Cliff

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Pits

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Beehive

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Skydive

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Shallow Lava

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Skyscraper

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Treetop

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Canyon

    Votes: 7 58.3%
  • Funhouse

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 16.7%

I play a lot of TGTTOS, but I've always seen people complain about the maps that I like, and I wanna see what you guys think is bad. This is just for fun, try not to flame each other in the comments. :)

Inventory swapping will be improved!

Hey Everyone, I wanted to give an update on Efficient Inventory Swapping.

We are still working on the system and I believe it's very important to improve the flow of our games with optimizations like these.

The revert from last week was addressing some other larger scale issues, something which I should of mentioned in the patch notes.
We still want to do what the initial system intended along with some new improvements, that being:
  • Improve the efficiency of swapping core items by doing a simple function.
  • Retain the ability to use vanilla functions to order loot.
  • Avoid interrupting play with auto swapping.
  • Allow players to freely order contextual items as the wish (e.g. Using multiple weapons at once).
Hopefully we will get some improvements ready for an update next week, but if not it should be the week after.

Official Sky Battle Improvements Survey!

Hello everybody!

I'd like to gather some information on what players would like most from Sky Battle.
Here's a short survey that should take about 5 minutes.
If you have some spare time please fill out the form, it will greatly help us guide the future for the game!

Additionally if you would like to discuss ideas feel free to in this forum post.

Epic Landlord

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0.14.4 - Patch Notes


Patch 0.14.4 has just gone live with the removal of the Halloween shops and some more balancing changes to Hole in the Wall, as well as a few other small bug fixes.

Halloween shop removal

The Halloween shops have now left the Island, meaning any leftover candies and spirits you have collected can now be scavenged! The 10 Halloween cosmetics from the Spooky Shop have also been added to the Legacy Machine, meaning they are now available to get with Legacy Keys if you missed out. The Mythic Cursed Oni cosmetics will remain unobtainable until they return for next year's Halloween event!

Note on Ancient Spirits

Due to us wanting to make changes to how the RNG of the Ancient Spirits felt this event, the Ancient Spirits next year will be much more common, but you’ll need a proportionally increased amount of them to purchase each of the Mythic Oni cosmetics. This means they will be equally difficult to obtain, but with much less RNG involved, so the event will no longer be overly punishing for people with bad luck.

That means that any Ancient Spirits you currently have do not need to be kept till next year, as they will not be the same as the new ones and will not work, meaning you can feel free to scavenge them. Apologies that they won’t carry over, but we feel this change will be for the best.

Hole in the Wall

More traps have been adjusted to make it a bit easier for the reduced player amounts.
  • So Lonely: decreased zombies from 8 to 6.
  • Mummy: decreased husks from 12 to 9.

Other changes

  • Re-fixed the Chroma Cluster fusion recipe after it was accidentally reverted to the old broken one. Spooky!
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Mastery Gate to freeze if the player who is making a pull on the machine goes offline.
  • Fixed an issue with cloak offsets on 1.20.2.
  • Removed some spooky pink fog leftover from Halloween.

New batch of obstacles

just a quick appreciation post to Noxcrew about all of those new Fan Made obstacles appearing in Survivor and Dojo

I recall somewhere that apparently, a big portion of the submitted obstacles was on stand-by, not being let in the server even though the obstacles were accepted, so seeing Noxcrew letting those courses in finally (and rapidly as well, I mean.... THERE'S STILL SOME I ONLY NOW COME ACROSS) is very lovely.
[Would like to have this be confirmed]

The game is so much fresher and the new rhythmic obstacles are also a big W.
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What Games are Coming to MCC Island Next?

It's been a while since I've made a forum post like this (like, before Open Beta), so I'm making another one.

What I plan to do is go through every game, and discuss how likely they are to come to the server as one of the next few games, then I will do I final analysis discussing exactly what the next games will be. Please remember this is all pure speculation.

Ace Race:

So Ace Race. It's hard to pinpoint the development of Ace Race because of it's interesting history. It was going to be one of the 4 Closed Beta games, but then it was ultimately thrown away, due to it not meeting the standards of an MCC Island game. Nowadays, Ace Race is still hard to figure out. In a secret QnA on an MCC Island Community Discord Server, ChaseSkies, a developer of MCC Island, confirmed that Ace Race was the game with the highest priority. Whether that means it's physically being worked on, or just being planned is something we don't know. I know a lot of people want to play this game, and while it definitely could be the next game, I'm not confident it will be. I wouldn't rule it out, but considering how much of a mystery Ace Race is, I wouldn't confidently say it's the next game.

Big Sales at Build Mart:

I'm going to save myself some time and say Build Mart will not be the next game. It's not particularly loved by most of the community, and the few people that do like this game (Including myself), would likely prefer any other game to be added. I would love to play Build Mart, but it's not coming for a while.

Bingo But Fast:

I don't think Bingo will be added in a while as well. It's been said that Bingo is a game that some of the developers don't want to work on, while some others do. To be fair, this was said before the Bingo Changes that came with MCC 34, but I still don't think it will be added soon. It just seems like a difficult game to add, and it's a game that majority of players would like to see, but not at the top of their list. If any of you really want to play Bingo, I've found several mods, datapacks, or worlds that all play Bingo relatively well, so just play that.

Grid Runners:

Grid Runners is a tough game to add, solely because of the fact that it's a team game. The main thing about Grid Runners is that it's a cooperative game, where you must communicate with your team, and on MCC Island, a majority of players play by themselves, meaning it would be impossible to do Grid Runners successfully. They could make it a solo game, but I don't know how well that would work, because it would have to be made significantly different to what it is now. While they could make that happen, it don't see the Noxcrew doing that now, when they could just make an easier game to add first.


Meltdown is a game everyone wants to see, and for a good reason. It's playstyle is really unique compared to other games, being a team based PVP game where the only weapon you have is a bow. It looks fun, and according to one of the Developer QnA's, it's a game that's near the top of the priority list in terms of being worked on. I genuinely believe that Meltdown will be added in 2024.

Parkour Tag:

Parkour Tag is also team based, but I think that the game concept is so basic, it could be added pretty soon, although I don't think it's at the top of the priority list because 1. Parkour Warrior was recently added, and another Parkour game isn't necessary, and 2. I think that it's one of the least popular MCC games, not because it's bad, but because the others are better.

Rocket Spleef Rush:

Rocket Spleef Rush is a game I personally really want to see. It's a unique take to the classic spleef concept, and I think it would be really fun. With this game in particular, there's quite a bit of evidence supporting that fact that it could be coming soon. Firstly, if you have played Dynaball since it's come out, you may have noticed one of the powerups is a rocket launcher, the same one used in Rocket Spleef. This means that they already have one of the main parts of Rocket Spleef Rush in the game, and so developing the game would take significantly less time, because they technically already started work on it. Additionally, ChaseSkies, the same person that said Ace Race was the game with the highest Priority said, "RSR is likely to come, but that doesn't mean it's coming soon." This doesn't confirm the fact that RSR may come soon, but I think that both of these points of evidence mean RSR could in 2024.

Sands of Time:

I think it's safe to say Sands of Time is the game that people want the most. It's a really unique game, and it's really cool, but it faces the same problem that Grid Runners has: It's a team game. Team games, like I said before, are harder to add because they have to be changed significantly in order to work for a solo player. While it's a game many people want, I do not see it coming in the near future because it would take a lot of work to be added.

Survival Games:

I'm going to cut down on how much a write specifically for this game, because my hand hurts. Survival Games could very well be coming soon. It's a game that is one of few to be specifically mentioned, both in the January Development update and some of the Developer QnA's, and it's quite a simple game, just being it's own take on the Hunger Games format.

So, I mentioned every one of the games, and out of the 9 possible, 3 of them, at least in my opinion, are plausible to be the next game, being Survival Games, Meltdown, and Rocket Spleef Rush. 1 of them, being Ace Race, is unknown, and the rest are games I don't think are next.

Out of the three, I'd personally say Rocket Spleef Rush. The other 2 games are PVP games, and Dynaball was just added, so it would be most logical to add a Movement game, which is what RSR is. Combine that fact with what I said in Rocket Spleef Rush's section and I think RSR is the game that is most likely to be added next, most likely in 2024. Of course, this isn't taking into account the possibility of MCC Island Original Games, like Dynaball.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear your seatbelts.

Adding a new system to pvp games.

I think kill points are important to many players, but kill steals are kind of a downside to the game and brings negativity.
I believe by adding kill assists system it would kind of balance the point scoring and make the game more enjoyable, this also presents new quests and badges And achievements. One down side it might make points scoring wired at first but I believe noxcrew can manage.
And we don't mind how kill assists get measured either from most damage dealt or last hit before the kill hit, just kill assists need to be added to the pvp based games.

Please reply with your own opinions and maybe make this thread get recognized on the form so the developers notice it and get our reply.
Noxcrew are hard working and they provide amazing stuff, and I'm happy to add my suggestions to make things better.
Thanks Noxcrew and everyone who work on mcc island❤️.

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0.14.3 - Patch Notes

HITW (1).png

Patch 0.14.3 has just gone live with a few hotfixes for Hole in the Wall after yesterday’s patch. Thank you all for your feedback, be that on the forums or Discord (special thanks to the HITW Dojo)! We always appreciate your thoughts and ideas, and if you do have any more, please post them on our forums. Everything posted there is read by us (even if we don’t always respond)!

Hole in the Wall

  • Games will now begin at a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12.
  • Game difficulty and trap frequency now increases every 45 seconds instead of every 60 seconds. This should help improve the pace of the game.
  • Game time has been reduced from 4:00 to 3:30. Overall this gives more exciting gameplay at max difficulty.
  • Some traps have been adjusted to make it a bit easier for the reduced player amounts.
    • Hoglins - Decreased from 4 to 3.
    • Creepy Crawlies - Decreased from 7 to 5.
    • Arrow Storm: - Decreased arrows from 40 to 30 and reduced rate of fire.
  • Tweaked HITW quests and Faction XP rewards again to match these new changes.

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0.14.2 - Patch Notes


Patch 0.14.2 has landed on the Island, bringing with it the end of the Halloween event... No more scares and trick or treating, it's back to good old Island fun! However, there's still some new stuff too, including Parkour Warrior obstacles and a few tweaks to matchmaking.

Halloween Event

  • The Halloween event has now ended and the hunt for chests and stashes is now over.
  • The Halloween shops will stick around for the next week, giving you plenty of time to spend your last few morsels of Halloween candy.
  • Once the shops are gone, all of the cosmetics sold by Hayseed (the non-mythic cosmetics) will move to the Legacy Crate Machine pool, so they're not gone for good!
  • The Cursed Oni's cosmetics will return again next year once spooky season rolls around again!

Parkour Warrior

We’ve added a new batch of obstacles to the pool! You should now start seeing new obstacles show up over the coming months. These changes went live yesterday, with the rotation of the monthly courses and daily courses from then on.
  • Many new rhythmic obstacles have been added.
  • Community challenges can now show up in the main path (in the mesa, downtown, etc. sections, not just the community section) (there’s not too many yet, so it might be a while before they show up)
  • Slight modifications to how courses change over time to further prioritise newer obstacles, have brand new obstacles show up sooner, and reduce obstacles jumping to different sections of the course.

TGTTOS and Hole in the Wall

We've made some changes to the matchmaking player cap sizes for TGTTOS and HITW that should make it easier to get into games and start playing!
  • The player requirements have changed for TGTTOS and HITW:
    • TGTTOS now needs a minimum of 12 players to start with a maximum of 16 total (was 16 and 20).
    • HITW now needs a minimum of 6 players to start with a maximum of 8 total (was 16 and 24).
  • Quests for these games have been slightly rebalanced based on these changes.

Other Changes

  • Fixed the recipe for Chroma Clusters so it only requires one Verdant Goo instead of 2.


Discord Meet Other Players
    - Online