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How to play MCC Party!

MCC All 16-9.png

It's the question on everyone's lips - What is MCC Party?

Well, if the Update Video didn’t give you enough Party action, let me talk you through everything that is MCC Party!

If MCC Scuffed was us messing with our usual games and making them totally unpredictable, then MCC Party is Scuffed’s evil twin - the games stay the same, but the dome and the scoring system have been completely turned on their head. Think Mario Party with an MCC twist!

But how do I win? 🏆

Don’t think that having the most coins is going to get you into Dodgebolt this time.

You need Crowns!


Imagine Crowns as the Stars in Mario Party; the two teams with the most Crowns at the end of 8 games will fight it out in the Dodgebolt court for ultimate party victory!

But how do you get crowns? Crowns can be purchased with the coins you earn in the MCC Games. You can only buy Crowns after games 2, 4, 6, and 8, so you need to be tactical about when to grab them or when to horde your coins to buy even more later.

Crown Prices.png

Coins 💰

Coins are earned as usual and are still affected by our game multipliers throughout the event.

In the hub, your team’s coins are always visible, so you’ll always know what you’re working with. However, the other teams’ coins will remain hidden so you won’t know how wealthy they are except at the half-time break.

Coins earned in-game by all teams are visible, so you might be able to track how much they’ve earned if you’re quick at maths, but not how much they’ve spent at the store.

MCC Party Store 🛒

All Dome Items, Special Items and Crowns can be bought at the MCC Party Store, found to the right of the Dome bridge.


Items are used during the Decision Dome phase of the event and will give your team an advantage and help you choose the game you want to play. As well as our normal selection of items, we have included some new and powerful toys to change how the dome plays out.

The price of items and crowns will go up throughout the event, but not by the same amount as the multiplier, meaning items will get more expensive as the event progresses, but never too expensive.

Special Items ✨

Special Items are exceptionally powerful Dome items that can earn you additional coins and crowns. As such, they’re very expensive!

Here’s a quick rundown of what they all do

Jokers 🃏

Joker items offer you a chance to get additional crowns for doing well in any MCC game, but be warned - you can lose a crown if you end up doing badly.



Gain additional crowns from a game depending on where your team places, but be careful; you can lose a crown if your team does badly. Only use it if you’re confident in your chosen game!

1st: +2 Crowns
2nd-5th: +1 Crown
6th-7th: +0 Crowns
8th-10th: -1 Crown

Super Joker

Gain more additional crowns from a game depending on where your team places, but be careful; you can lose multiple crowns if your team does badly. Only use it if you’re super confident in your chosen game!

1st-3rd: +3 Crowns
4th-5th: -1 Crown
5th-10th: -3 Crowns

You can activate a Joker in that small window after a game is selected, but before you’re teleported, so you can choose to use it on the games you feel most confident about, but you better be quick about it!

Stealers 🕶️


Stealer items are used like the Dunk Bow - shoot them at another team to use them. They come in two variants: Crown Stealers and Coin Stealers and you can only buy one of each per round.

Crown Stealer

Steal 2 Crowns from another team.

Coin Stealer

Steal 1000 Coins from another team.

Super Crown Stealer

Steal 3 Crowns from another team.

Super Coin Stealer

Steal 1250 Coins from another team.

Stealers are half as effective when used on teams below you, so make sure you know where you stand before shooting!

To prevent a catastrophe, teams can only be stolen from twice in the same dome. After that, your team will become drained and will be safe from steals and dunks until the next dome. Drained teams will have a grey pod instead of a coloured pod. Shooting at a drained team will have no effect and you will get your stealer back to steal from somebody else.


Insurance 🛡️

Sick of the other teams trying to steal your coins and crowns? You need Insurance!


Insurance will give you half of what you lost when you get stolen from and protects you from being dunked. The team stealing from you will still get the full amount, but you will lose less when it is active.

You can only buy one Insurance per round and it only lasts for a single dome, so you'll need to rebuy it every time. After the break, the bottom three teams going into each dome are given free insurance to help them a little bit!

Locked Safe 🔒


Need some more coins to grab that final Crown? Think you’re pretty good at the next couple of games? Then bring along a locked safe full of coins, ready to be yours if you can crack it open. What’s the key? Do well in your next game!

1st-3rd: +1000 Coins
4th-5th: +700 Coins

Mega and Mega Anti-Chickens 🐔


You all know what a Mega Chicken is, but it’s time you met its meaner cousin, the Mega Anti-Chicken.

Throwing a mega chicken into the dome spawns a friendly Chicken Man who will count as 3 of their feathered brethren wherever they stop on the Dial.

Mega Anti-Chickens are the opposite and will remove three votes from whichever section of the Dial they stop on.

As usual, all Mega Chicken Varients are free to wander the Dial as they please, so there’s no guarantee they’ll stay where they’re thrown.

Four Leaf Clover 🍀

The four-leaf clover will be handed out to the unluckiest teams in the event after game 4. It allows you to buy supercharged versions of Stealer items to get you back in the game!

Use it quick though; you can only hold on to the clover for a single dome!

It’s not over til it’s over - Bonus Crowns! 👑

At the end of the event, teams will be awarded Bonus Crowns for being the best at secret objectives throughout the event.

The top team in that category will receive two crowns, the 2nd best will receive one, and all the rest will be left in the cold with no crowns to warm their heads. There are six Bonus Crown categories, but no spoilers on what they might be; you’ll need to figure that out on your own during the event!

These Bonus Crowns can swing the results in wild ways, so don’t think it’s over until it’s over!


We expect MCC Party to be chaotic, unpredictable and, most of all, fun as we celebrate our 4th birthday! We hope you’ll all be there to join us on the 11th of November at 8pm GMT!

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MCC Shame/Grump Jumper and Winter sale


Fed up with all the festive cheer? Sick of all the colourful lights and jolly tunes? Wanna show the world you’re a grump?

Well, now you can with the MCC Shame/Grump Jumper, as seen in the MCC Winter Holiday Events. Stay warm and toasty while showing everyone you (or your teammate) are a grumpy grinch! 💢👕

Order before the 15th of November and get them in time for the holidays!

While you’re there, why not grab a few presents for the people you aren’t grumpy at in our MCC Winter Merch Sale!

Winter Sale Graphic.png

Get up to 20% off our Holiday Hangers, Legacy and Season 3 merch and show those you love that you care… even if you are a grumpy grump! 💢

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Day 12 (30/10) Spooky Stashes and Chest Locations (COMPLETE LIST)

Shortest Route with map and legend: Login to view embedded media No jump cuts

0:16 337 41 503 Splinters workshop second floor
0:26 346 27 503 In Sewers
0:40 380 45 458 second floor balcony of green restaurant
1:06 493 27 478 Next to Aqua Axolotls
1:31 220 76 650 Target Mountain Cave
2:20 174 70 644 lime llamas base
2:32 161 70 670 Cave below knight vs dragon
2:42 103 32 773 Shipwreck
3:12 244 30 730 Mummy Beach Hideout
3:40 317 27 812 Flamingo
4:07 211 31 490 Scavenger's Hideout Bar
4:19 104 30 454 Between Landtown and watertown
5:08 198 35 412 Surfer's Beach diamond vain
5:36 197 43 341 next to former cyan coyotes mascot
5:53 247 99 259 Chest, top of halo Candle Mountain
6:48 454 35 230 passed Ferris wheel by escape pod

Day 11 (29/10) Spooky Stashes and Chest Locations (COMPLETE LIST)

Video show shortest route with map and legend: Login to view embedded media
0:00 Intro
0:20 472 38 520 Small Island behind spawn boat
0:39 496 37 498 Top of Aqua Axolotls
0:59 411 27 714 Beach Pocket by Samurai Dojo
1:33 395 37 682 Waterfall by Samurai Dojo
1:45 291 33 647 In cave, Noxcrew water cave entrance at 332 36 653
2:26 264 54 628 Purple Hotel Building pool level under overhang
3:07 241 70 612 Up Purple Hotel waterfall then by Gnome
3:26 254 84 619 On mountain above Purple Hotel next to waterfall
3:41 217 112 649 In mountain Lab, entrance at 220 127 639
4:23 181 48 675 Above Green Golems
5:03 79 29 709 Near Yellow Island and Shipwreck
5:26 89 35 493 Rear island Town Coast
6:18 216 52 504 Robber's Cave Entrance
6:40 337 47 430 Bea's Blockle Tea Roof
7:07 461 27 129 Chest on a flamingo
8:11 376 12 155 Big Circle

Day 6 (24/10) Spooky Stashes and Chest Locations

Video showing shortest route: Login to view embedded media
0:22 394 72 705 Top of lighthouse
1:04 401 40 637 Drop down from dock storage roof
1:33 372 26 488 Giziiio's Gadgets basement
2:10 334 40 385 Roof of Burgers But Fast
2:40 450 56 321 Chest, middle of Ferris wheel parkour needed
3:54 412 31 224 Circle Beach
4:20 209 61 436 Top of Rock
4:54 199 105 505 Radio Mountain Peak
5:47 165 42 486 by Painter Robert
6:08 84 27 480 Flamingo back town
6:28 136 78 598 top of tree, cliff edge
7:25 147 37 660 Near Blue Ninja
7:37 174 36 708 geko on beach
7:54 223 95 667 near green base on path
8:36 236 81 626 Mountain Target Cave Entrance
8:53 198 45 609 Noxcrew Vault
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A flag on the back of my skin caused me to be banned permenantly ?

Hi, i have been playing mcci since beta and I never had any problems with the staff, so this is a first. A day ago I heard about the conflict and I wanted to show support and promote peace, I guess that was refused here is the ban and the skin that caused the ban. If I am in the wrong about my situation please inform me and I am also trying to get an appeal. PS : I support every marginalized group, and I am no case promoting anything violent and i have no problem with any of the staff and i respect thier dedication and hard work but i am just confused

skin ban.PNG


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MCC Live Collection - Esports Merch!

New AD.png

Do you think MCC could ever become an Esport? We have the jerseys for it; that's how that works, right?

To celebrate our first-ever live MCC at Twitch Con Las Vegas, we’ve teamed up with our longtime merch partner Forthwall to create the MCC Live Collection, complete with Esports Jerseys, Hats, Bags and even a snazzy Jacket.

So start practising that Esports stance and get your hands on your own MCC Esports Jersey over at the MCC Merch Store!
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[Poll] Which MCC Twitch Rivals team are you rooting for?

Which MCC Twitch Rivals team are you rooting for?

  • Red Rabbits

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Orange Ocelots

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Yellow Yaks

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Lime Llamas

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Green Geckos

    Votes: 7 77.8%

I know that only the first 5 teams are out right now but which of them currently is your favourite?
Might do a part 2 with the other teams when they're out tomorrow.

Status bar idea

Since a couple of days ago I have thought of a fun small change that could be made on MCCI. This change is a Custom status bar, that shows up next to someone's name in TAB or if you click on their profile. These statuses would be obtained trough all types challenges, similair to badges! If this is implemented, it would also make for new things you could get trough limited events or the battle pass for example.
What do you guys think? Please let me know!

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MCC Team Mascots Youtooz Plushies - [Campaign Over]


Looking for a chromatic companion to watch MCC with?

Well, you’re in luck!

Throughout October, you can pre-order your very own MCC Team Mascots Youtooz Plushies! 🐻👑

Available as a full set of 10, or as a blind box, you can celebrate MCC with a fluffy friend by your side!
Grab them quick because once October is over, they'll be gone forever!

Login to view embedded media
Pre-order them at the MCC Merch Store now!

How is the motd so colorful?

I recently started looking into resource packs and servers and often felt a bit limited by the total of 16 different text colors available in vanilla Minecraft.
Then I saw that not only does this server have more than 16 colors in its message of the day, but it has 11 different shades of purple alone and I just want to know how to use that wizardry.


Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this, but there just weren't that many other options.
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MCC 34 Prediction review (Actually did insanely good)

Alright, I was gonna edit the last one, but then I realized that people might think I cheated, so I’m making a separate post.

Unexpected twist, I actually did really good with predicting this time.

10th and 9th are exactly correct, 8th and 7th are the same just swapped, if you move Orange down to 5th, purple to 6th, and aqua to 4th, it’s exact. Lastly, Red got 3rd, which is right, Blue got 2nd, which is right, and Cyan got 1st, which is right. This means I got 5/10 100% correct, and the rest were only 1-2 spots off what they actually got. This is really surprising considering I usually overestimate some teams and underestimate other teams, and this one was actually insanely close to what actually happened. I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you guys next month for another edition of MCC Predictions.

Oh and if you don’t believe that I got these right, here’s my forum post that I made at 1:00 AM:

I actually think the fact that I made the predictions at 1:00 AM made the biggest difference, and I may have to do that again next month.

MCC 34 Predictions

MCC 34 is happening tomorrow, so I'm making predictions again.

10. Pink Parrots

9. Yellow Yaks

8. Lime Llamas

7. Green Geckos

6. Aqua Axolotls

5. Purple Pandas

4. Orange Ocelots

3. Red Rabbits

2. Blue Bats

1. Cyan Coyotes

I don't even think my predictions are right, because Smajor happens to be really good at balancing.

Simple Voice Chat Mod in MCC?

What if noxcrew added the simple voice chat also know as the proximity chat mod to mcc, because I think it would make the veiwer and possibly streamer experience much better as one of you teammates/enemies voices fade away as they fall in to the void in skybattle or hole in the wall. If the team preferd they could join a group so that distance does not matter and they could also mute anyone they want. I admit it could be a bit scuffed with 40 people talking at the same time but I bet Noxcrew could make it work. Anyway this is just a suggestion and thanks for reading this if you do.

New maps ideas :D

Hey there, i'm just wanna drop some ideas for possible new maps in future mcc events :3

Rocket spleef rush:
A space inspired map would be so cool, also can make in night time for get a lit better emersive
Ace Race:
A full underground ambience, like caves and stuff like that
Battle box:
Cyberpunk city inspired maybe? :D

Thats all for now, maybe i add some future map ideas idk :D


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